However, if you plan to graduate early, we advise you to submit the Prospectus form early — at least by the start of the semester one year prior to your anticipated graduation date. Ideally, there should be a clear formulation of a problem or question, scholarly study which illuminates or addresses it, and a conclusion supported by evidence. See links to college requriements below. Printable version of Honors Requirements Learn more about our requirements. Please see further information about the college-based distinction process below. Every student is assigned an academic advisor in their college or major upon matriculation.

Writing the Winning Thesis or Dissertation: The booklets are designed to help students understand the context of their course work; the need to take an active role in shaping their studies; and the importance of thinking ahead about the components of the dissertation and the quality of scholarship they will need to demonstrate. Honors students also have access to the Honors advising and all Honors administrators for help with Honors requirements. The thesis should represent a significant amount and quality of scholarly work beyond what is required for a term paper. Discuss any department policies regarding the thesis with the student. Fellowship advising is available to high-ability students who will be competitive for many nationally prestigious awards.

This option is most popular for students in the fine or performing arts.

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Submitting to both Honors and your college will require two sets of paperwork. Requirements To remain in good standing in the University Honors Program, students must meet the following requirements: We strongly encourage our students to seek out such opportunities, whether in student government, the university marching band, organized sports, or service on their college advisory boards. Earning Honors Credit E very Honors student is required to complete 24 prospecctus of Honors credit by time theis graduation.


thesis prospectus unl

These materials must include: Semester of Graduation 1. Evaluate thesis and quality of the comprehensive exam on Thesis Evaluation Form.

The Thesis Prospectus form is due to Honors midway through your sixth semester in Honors, per the dates in the chart to the right. The Honors Workshop series provides an opportunity to learn more about topics, skills, or opportunities that might not be covered in a typical classroom setting.

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Laura Damuth working with a student on a fellowship application. A literature review about a particular topic is not sufficient.

Samantha Lunde, graduating senior, introducing faculty mentor Emily Kazyak at annual Honors graduation reception. Tnesis posted on or before this date; cancellation requests may begin June 7: Printable version of Honors Requirements Learn more about our requirements.

Our goal is to provide workshop prospecths that are engaging, interactive, and valuable. As with all residence halls on campus, both residential Honors communities offer full amenities of wireless internet access, in-room climate control, easy access to laundry, and multiple study and social spaces, all within a secure building.

Degrees with Distinction

To determine the level of distinction, the committee uses the cumulative grade point average based on all credit hours taken at UNL prior theiss the beginning of the term in which the student receives his or her degree. Students should carefully read the general guidelines and procedures for degrees with distinction. Administer comprehensive oral or written exam.

The comprehensive examination is mandatory for all students who submit a thesis.

Current Students

Complete your Dissertation or Thesis in Two Semesters or Less Evelyn Hung Ogden This newly updated guide describes how to manage the dissertation or thesis process in two semesters or less. To remain in good standing in the University Honors Program, students must meet the following requirements:. The exact nature of the exam is determined by the major department. So, if you plan to graduate in May or Augustyou would submit your prospectus no later than March 11, Obtain signatures from two faculty co-advisors on Thesis Prospectus Form prior to deadline.


The average student spends about a year uln project inception to completion, although you may certainly invest more time and some projects can be successfully prsopectus in a little less than a year. Sign Thesis Prospectus Form and submit to the major department by the deadline.

Learn more about Knoll. There is no application process for students who do not complete a thesis.

Honors Thesis/Senior Project | Honors Program | Nebraska

Every student is assigned an academic advisor in their college or major upon matriculation. Highest Distinction requires a thesis. Ordinarily only students who have taken their last 48 hours of graded course work while registered in the College of Arts and Sciences are considered. Learn more about Honors Student Organizations. Consequently, it is possible for a student to have a GPA above the cutoff point and still not receive a recommendation for distinction. You may pick theiss a copy of this timeline with a blank version for you and your faculty mentor to complete in the Honors Office or download here.

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