I am doing it. Sorry for my broken english. Then choose the second tab, select none as the leader. Word can automatically generate the table number if you have properly set the heading. In the beginning of this tutorial, I asked you to leave page 1 empty. For TOC, you have to change “Chapter..

Journey to The End. Try to Google about section break if you still dont understand. Yes, there is the ukm official template available, regrettably without guidelines. Try to click any items in the navigation pane, the cursor jumps directly to the section. The subsection is added to navigation pane after you create it.

This is the reason. Dear dps and everyone accessing here for gaya ukm, Thank you very much for providing template for gaya ukm. For the purpose tsmplate this tutorial, I use the English version. But you can modify accordingly. By this way, it jumps to next page and leaving page 1 to be empty.

Try haya Google about section break if you still dont understand. Wajdi Sadik who first submitted thesis using this template. Anonymous 2 May at It shows the section that we just created as shown in Figure 6. For now, I’ll tell you how to modify it. Then you will see: As an alternative, this year UKM has released their official template which is quite accurate.


thesis template gaya ukm

I’m still trying to use this template, 1 For reference, when I use it as usual, in the table, it automatically written as Chapter Title Style – Modifying Chapter Style 4. First Paragraph and Normal Styles.

Template Gaya UKM (UKM Style) ~ Journey to The End

Refer to Figure 2, if you are not sure how to do it. When you open, don’t be surprise nothing is inside. The numbering is 1. My thesis is almost done, now I am copying and pasting it in the template provided here.

You can download the BM version check the first step. Hi UKM students, Today I want to share to you all the template that I created so that you can write your thesis smoothly without having h So, for now, let it be empty.

UKM Style Format – FST Postgraduate

So, basically that is it how you use my template to write chapters. Thank you for helping me. You can go to Title style, right click and choose modify as shown in Figure 4.


Example 1; start an article, table, equation, plot, reference Example 1 6 More examples: Hi, To answer your question, I need to write a long guide. Enter and Write the First Paragraph If you enter once after you type the section title as we did in previous stepthe first paragraph of a section has no tab but the next paragraph has tab. Thank you very much for taking time to reply.

Nurul Huda 18 January at Heading 3 – Subsection of a Chapter. I trick my template by treating references or appendices as Chapter.

Word can automatically generate the table number if you have properly set the heading.

FST Postgraduate

The styles are saved in First Paragraph style and the subsequent paragraph uses Normal style. If you want to modify anything, don’t use traditional way but instead, you modify the style directly. Your assistance is so useful for me.

thesis template gaya ukm

It is a bit complicated, hopefully you can understand.

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