Comparison of overhead transmission lines with submarine cables for electricity transmission. Thesis Topics Nomination Form. Schedule your appointment with your supervisor 2. The chicken or the Egg problem! Ginu Rajan GR2 Sensing applications of polymer optical fibres. For more information regarding online thesis writing support for honours students, please check this website. Thesis seminar assessment sheet.

Formation of a policy document for energy Australia in regard to enbedded generation insertion in the network. Andrea Morello AM2 Engineering microwave cavities for long distance coupling of spin qbits Andrea Morello AM5 Ultra-high fidelity spin qubit initialisation with digital feedback. Zourab Brodzelli ZB2 Battery charge measurement using optical fibres. Harmonics and conducted emi reduction in induction motor drives using switching and filtering techniques. Lauren Gardner LK1 The role of exercise intensity and frequency in osteoarthritis management.

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thesis unsw elec

This will be imposed according to rules approved by the AEC and will be done after consultation with the thesis supervisor. Thesis for loan For more information regarding online thesis writing support for honours students, please check this elce. As part of the Masters of Engineering Program Program there is a Thesis requirement that must be met.

Jayashri Ravishankar JR22 Small signal stability analysis of power systems. John Fletcher JF23 Sunswift power system. Toan Phung TP77 Transformer jump-overload ratings. For most students, this is the most significant single piece of work in their university career, and should be an intellectually engaging and an enjoyable experience.


Electricity network provatisiation and impact on prices, consumer services and associates benefits, if any.

4th Year Thesis Topics Available

Students must follow reasonable directions of their supervisors and the Course Coordinator. This project ubsw an independent investigation at an advanced level and may include research, design, feasibility or other analysis requiring integration of knowledge and evaluation across a range of topics in the area of specialisation.

These written reports must include introduction, motivation, literature review, methodology, research proposal, bibliography and timeline for the completion of the project in the second half of their research project. Extension of time beyond two sessions work will not cause forfeiture of eligibility for a graded pass if the reason is outside the student’s control.

When a student is granted an extension there may be a penalty resulting in a reduction of thesie thesis mark. Colin Grantham CG24 Electrical safety with respect to distributed system. When a supervisor feels that a student is incapable of successfully completing elecc selected thesis topic, the supervisor should strongly advise the student to withdraw from that particular topic and seek unse new one, possibly with a different supervisor.

As a student in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering you will fall under one of the following 3 categories: These are typically your final two terms of your Masters of Thdsis Science program. Torsten Lehmann TL43 Hermeticity sensor for chip-scale implants.

Postgraduate coursework students are required to do an advanced thesis research project. After reading the form carefully follow the below information to find a supervisor internally.


thesis unsw elec

Apps for air pollution exposure management and visualisation Vijay Sivaraman VR49 Software defined networking for inter-domain experimentation. Students are required to submit their Interim Report to their supervisors in a below specified format in no more than 10 pages SPE format.

Projects will be allocated based on student preferences and supervisor loads. This will include all relevant information that you need to apply for a Thesis.

2017 Thesis Poster Competition

Thesis A Seminar supervisors, assessors list and seminars timetables. Barnaby Osborne BO1 Assembly integration and testing of a zu cubesat system. Analse and identify the market signals required to justify investment in peaking generation. Procedures for withdrawal, suspension and extension. Thomas Sewell TH18 Lab control of helicopter.

With permission from the School, and consistent with Program rules, this course can be extended as Unnsw with significantly more comprehensive research and thesis. Dali Kaafar DZ19 Comparison of overhead transmission lines with submarine cables for electricity transmission.

If you have any questions regarding your thesis, please make a post in the Moodle forum so that everyone can see the response from Tracie Ujsw. There is a database with pre-existing topics and a supervisor database that lists their research interests.

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