Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Graduate School. If this occurs, the Chair will inform Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies as soon as possible typically within one business day of the examination. Thesis Availability Your thesis will be available online in 3 – 4 days. Remote Attendance Normally, only those individuals physically present in the examination room can be counted for quorum. Chemical and Biological Engineering. It may be permissible for the External Examiner or a third member of the Supervisory Committee to attend the defence remotely. If you would like to delay publication of your thesis , you must obtain approval from the Faculty of Graduate Studies before submitting your thesis.

Skip to main content Skip to main navigation. The Examining Committee is then asked to select one of the following overall recommendations: The examination rooms in the Graduate Student Centre are not equipped for videoconferencing. Friday, 18 October Acceptance of final, approved doctoral dissertation by Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Graduate School. For theses in language programs, some questions can be posed or answered in the language concerned, provided the Examination Committee can follow proceedings by translation if necessary in this other language.

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Graduate School.

ubc fogs thesis defense

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Graduate School. The Oral Defence must be scheduled through Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies at least 4 weeks in advance. This section is only for final, post-defence submission of defnese and dissertations.

Remote Attendance Normally, only those individuals physically present in the examination room can be counted for quorum. Candidates must plan for at least weeks between the submission of the dissertation for external examination and the Oral Defence. You can reduce stress for yourself and everyone else involved in your examination by being well-informed and well-organized. Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. Candidate’s full name, home department, degree program, dissertation title, and the date, time and location of the exam.


Bureaucratic Competition, Deliberation and Responsiveness in China. Please be aware that coordinating the schedules of the examiners required for a doctoral examination can prove especially challenging in the summer months. Unfortunately, remote attendance by audience members cannot be accommodated. Thursday, 13 June – Wednesday, thesiss June – Award Funding Please note that award funding is prorated to i the end of the month when the final copy of the dissertation is submitted to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies or ii the end of the month, one month after the oral defense – whichever comes first.

Examination Timeline – Graduate School – University of British Columbia – Vancouver – Canada

If you are preparing for final submission, your thesis will be reviewed more quickly if you submit directly to cIRcle rather than emailing it for review. In order to graduate, Doctoral Candidates must submit a formal application for graduation.

Characterization and Clinical Implications.

Submitting Doctoral Dissertation for External Examination For information on submitting a doctoral dissertation for transmittal to the External Examiner, please see the Final Doctoral Oral Examinations section of this website. Checking the Thesis Please use Resources for Thesis Checking to check formatting before attempting to submit your thesis.

Since Januaryfinal theses and dissertations must be submitted electronically to the Library’s electronic repository, cIRcle, where they will be open access.

Land, Peopling, and Progress in an Expanding Canada.

Upcoming Exams

Skip to main content Skip to main navigation. Friday, 21 June – While Candidates and their Committees are permitted to schedule the Oral Defence before the External Examiner’s report has been submitted, they should be aware that the Defence cannot proceed without a positive report from the External Examiner. Novel Approaches for Treating and Preventing Malaria. Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Graduate School.


In such cases, thdsis new External Examiner must be confirmed by Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies before the external review can begin. Friday, 14 June Doctoral dissertation and supporting documentation submitted to Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies for external examination.

To give room booking priority to Candidates seeking to book Oral Defences, practice sessions can be booked a maximum of 4 weeks in advance. Advance planning and consistent communication are crucial. The dissertation is unsatisfactory. Defences may also be held at one the of the hospital sites or a UBC-associated research centre, but this must be discussed with the proposed examiners prior to booking. Any candidate wishing to make a recording, either video or audio, must have the request approved by the Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

ubc fogs thesis defense

The overview below gives a general outline of how that time should be allotted. Failure to notify Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies of a significant change to the expected date of submission for examination is likely to result in delays in the later stages of the examination process.

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