Finish writing your proposal Students have the option of formatting their dissertation using the traditional or alternative format. Students in the research project stage of matriculation for the DBA degree must maintain satisfactory status with the University and are required to enroll in the sequence of doctoral dissertation courses needed for the development and completion of the dissertation. The assistant and the student will work together to reserve a room with appropriate technology. The student may choose, out of professional courtesy, to provide copies to each of the dissertation committee members. The Registrar must be notified 14 days in advance of the defense by the committee chair. The doctoral committee administers the dissertation preparation and defense.

Notify the department administrative assistant at least 30 days prior to the proposed dissertation defense date. August Graduation Application Dates. UCA dedicates itself to academic vitality, integrity, and diversity. The committee may require revisions prior to approval. In addition to being researchable, the topic should be important to the field.

The defense needs to be scheduled early enough in the semester to allow the student time to make any final changes required by the committee.

A dissertation ua must be submitted to the doctoral committee, which will ascertain that the subject of the dissertation is business related, of doctoral quality, and that completion of the dissertation is feasible. After all the corrections requested by the dissertation committee uac been made, submit to the Graduate School a hard copy draft of the document to be reviewed for formatting compliance.

Choose a dissertation committee Discuss potential committee members with your chair 4 from within Department; 1 from outside Department. Complete data collection, data analysis, and writing.

uca dissertation proposal

Proposal Defense Meeting 1. In the even that the vote of approval in not unanimous, the student is allowed to replace the single committee member who has rejected the proposal before proceeding diwsertation the thesis.


uca dissertation proposal

Complete the Committee Selection Form and turn it into your program director. The candidate may be questioned dissertaation the subject of the dissertation and additional topics related to the field of study or candidate’s ability to organize and conduct research.

A brief description of the research approach should also be included in this chapter.

MA Thesis Option

The student is also responsible for saving dissertation data and, in collaboration with the Committee Chair, ensuring for proper storage of the data disdertation the department e. The committee members may ask questions directly and the audience should first ask permission to do so from the Chairperson who can stop or interrupt questions if they are irrelevant or take too much time.

dizsertation The work passes if all present voting committee members unanimously support it. It combines department and Graduate School requirements. This visualizes the proposed relationships between the variables of interest and guides the formulation of the hypotheses in case of explanatory always quantitative research or initial propositions in case of explorative often qualitative research.

This includes any financial costs incurred in order to carry out the dissertation and approvals e.

Guide to Completing the Dissertation

The issues covered are: Five copies of the approved dissertation should be provided to the Registrar’s Office. Figures and tables are recommended to be used to present the research findings.

A written list of required revisions should be developed and agreed to by the committee. The dissertation should have a sound structure and a clear writing style. In most cases of approval, revisions to the documents are required. The committee may require revisions prior to approval. The committee will formulate the final decision of the dissertation status. It should therefore be well organized around the problem statement this dissertation addresses, the research approach deployed, the main findings and their theoretical and practical implications.


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Five hard copies and a soft copy for the plagiarism check must be submitted to the committee at least 30 days before the date of the dissertation defense. After Graduate School approval, follow emailed instructions to upload the final copy to Proquest. There should be a reflection on outcomes of the study. In other words, how do the findings contribute to current professional practice? Signatures of the committee members are required.

A title that is appealing and meaningful, reflecting the contents of the dissertation. Literature used should be relevant to the problem statement and research questions. In creating your announcements, you can use one of two styles. You disseftation work with your chair to decide which propoxal you will use. Students in the research project stage of matriculation for the DBA degree must maintain satisfactory status with the University and are required to enroll in the sequence of doctoral dissertation courses needed for the development and completion of the dissertation.

After the presentation and a brief break, the dissertation committee will question the candidate.

uca dissertation proposal

Accurate conclusions should be drawn from the data analysis techniques used.

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