Please follow the electronic submission steps outlined here in Section 6 of the manual. Since Winter Quarter , both Masters and Ph. Note that for any manuscript submitted after the initial submission deadline, the degree is awarded for the following academic quarter. Ornate or decorative fonts such as script, calligraphy, gothic, italics, or specialized art fonts are not acceptable. Your graduate degree paperwork is complete.

Electronic submissions of ETDs are done here. Meet Filing Deadlines 1. UC Irvine librarians will follow up with additional information if needed. You have an option to delay access through an embargo request process. The manuscript you submit should not have a Signature page. For all other matters of organization, presentation, and documentation, your manuscript should meet the standards for published journal articles or monographs in your field. Number the first page of each section at the bottom center and all remaining pages of.

uci dissertation formatting

Text Section Use Arabic numerals for all pages of the text section. Students are responsible for adherence to all requirements specified in this manual.

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Graduate Student Deadlines Available at: Footnotes and Endnotes “Footnotes” appear at the bottom of a page. How long does a critique or a submission take? Include a short statement of the problem you studied; a brief exposition of the methods and procedures disserttaion in gathering the data; and a summary of your findings.

UCI Theses & Dissertations

Selecting a Typeface Be consistent in the use of typeface s throughout your manuscript. The time needed for cataloging and various other processes for electronic publishing varies; allow a minimum of five months for the entire process from submission of your manuscript to the University Archives to the time your manuscript is available for viewing. formatging


uci dissertation formatting

You yci approaching the last step toward attainment of your graduate degree. Conclusion may be separate or a part of the main body. There are templates available for Word and LaTeX. All required preliminary pages are present. Please view the dates below or review the workshop slides here.

The title page is counted in determining the total number of pages in this section but is NOT numbered. Material may not be attached by using paper clips, staples, adhesive tape single- or double-sidedor ordinary glue. Real-time, chat reference service is provided by reference staff from various academic libraries. If you have used copyrighted material of your own or others, you must include a statement to inform the reader that permission has been granted and state the source of the permission.

UCI Theses & Dissertations

Margins All manuscript text, excluding manuscript page numbers, must fit within these specified margin requirements: If the manuscript clears all requirements, you will receive a final confirmation email from the University Archives. The format recommended for layout of long quotations is to double space before and after any long quotations used in your main text and to indent all lines in the quoted material at least five spaces from BOTH the left and right margins. References Section Bibliography Format the references or bibliography in the style most commonly used in your academic discipline including the placement of references at the end of each chapter if necessary.


Skip to main content Skip to search box. The sections are the introduction, each chapter, the bibliography, and each appendix.

uci dissertation formatting

They take precedence over any style manuals used by your academic discipline or adopted by your committee. Pages must exhibit no visible corrections, strike-overs, crossed-out words or letters, interlineations, or additions inside or outside of the margins.

If you use oversized pages, they must be folded to the 8. Length and Thickness 2. Sample List of Figures 7. Preliminary Pages Number the preliminary pages at the bottom center of the page, in lower-case Roman numerals. Skip to main content Skip to search box. Once your petition has all the required signatures, take it to the Cashier’s Office Aldrich Hall and pay the Filing Fee by the deadline, and then submit the signed petition to the the Graduate Division Aldrich Hall.

The following media may be utilized:. Depending upon the structure of your manuscript, its preface, introduction, or Chapter 1 will be Arabic page 1.

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