Descriptions of measures need to include sample items, response options, scoring methods and psychometric properties. You could also include an expanded discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of the study, its clinical and scientific implications, and future directions for research depending on how extensively each of these areas is covered in the discussion section of the empirical paper. Thesis Submission Deferrals Form. Soft binding consists of a clear plastic cover and solid spine not ring binding ; it comes under a variety of names at various printers. Once you have have completed any revisions, had them approved and handed in the hard bound thesis, your access to the library as a UCL student will come to an end. These should be submitted to the Research Administrator, in the General Office i. Keeping in Touch Form.

Review paper The review paper of approximately 8, words not including tables and references is a focused review of a body of literature relevant to the research topic. You will need to submit two copies of Volume 1 in a temporary, soft binding. This document gives detailed guidance on the literature review. Tables and figures are numbered Table 1 etc. Joint theses are ones in which the major research project is undertaken by a team of two or more trainees, usually working under the same supervisor. If this applies to you, please arrange to meet your tutor as soon as possible, or contact Pasco Fearon.

Guidelines for Writing and Presenting the Thesis

In accordance with APA style, the best way to indicate a new paragraph in double-spaced text is to indent its first word; there is then no need to leave a blank line between paragraphs. One reason this is important is to avoid problems for any subsequent literature reviews or meta-analyses, so that the separate projects will only be counted as dcllnpsy study.

The loans procedure is set out in the test library policy document. One hard-bound copy of Volume 1 is required for the University which you can submit to the Research Administrator.


You just need to re-register, following the instructions given on the UCL library website. Annual Leave Form – Intake The text should be double-spaced on plain, white A4 paper. Please use the below form for recording your AL.

Volume 2 Volume 2 begins with a title page, which says “Case Reports and Service-Related Research Project”, then lists on separate lines your name, “D. The criterion of acceptability is that the candidate is making a substantial independent contribution to the fhesis. We strongly encourage you to start writing drafts of your thesis early on, as this is an essential way to clarify your thoughts.

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Please look at the guidance about plagiarism on the UCL websitewhich is also reproduced in Section 23 of the Training Handbook. There is only one set of appendices for all of Volume 1, placed at the end of the volume. Descriptions of measures need to include sample items, response options, scoring methods and psychometric properties. The following categories are not “marks” in the sense of corresponding to A, B, C, etc. The indicative times given next to each correction type i.

ucl dclinpsy thesis

What goes in Volume 1 Volume 1, the research component of the thesis, has a three-part structure, consisting of a literature review paper, an empirical paper and a critical appraisal. Interruption of Study Form Appendix. These notes should be read in conjunction with the trainees’ guidelines on the major research project and on writing and presenting the thesis.

You could also look at any theoretical or review article in other clinical psychology journals. Research Supervisor Appraisal Form. Outcomes of the viva In arriving at an overall evaluation, examiners will bear in mind that strengths in some areas of the thesis may compensate for weaknesses in others.


Procedures for submission of joint theses

The deadlines for the one-month, three-month and one-year resubmissions will be decided at the exam board. You could, for example, discuss how your previous experiences or theoretical orientation might have influenced how you set about the study, how the process of doing the research might have modified your views it is often helpful to draw on your research journal herehow you dealt with any dilemmas or methodological choices that arose during the course of the study, and what you might have done differently and why.

Word counts and trainee code numbers should be omitted. Theses of trainees who have worked jointly on a tnesis will normally be examined by the same external examiner.

ucl dclinpsy thesis

Volumes 1 and 2 have separate tables of contents and are separately paginated i. The Introduction ends with your research questions or hypotheses.

Statement of Intent Form. Psy Volume 1 Surname, Initials e. Running Volume 1 through Turnitin In addition to the procedures outlined above for submission of the thesis, we require that Volume 1 of the thesis be submitted via Turnitin, a cclinpsy programme.

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The course supports a pluralistic approach to research. Dclipnsy will also be a section on ethics, saying where approval was obtained and discussing any ethical issues in the study. The review paper should be a stand-alone paper in its own right.

Raw data and computer printouts are not normally needed. They are numbered in the order in which they appear in the thesis.

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