During busy periods, such as at the end of calendar and academic years, the time of delivery may, however, be longer than three weeks. The University of Eastern Finland publication series have sub-series for dissertations. If you wish to have the English version or a version in another language distributed to specific media abroad, e. The first criteria is the title; if the title is unintresting the paper will not be considered, even though the contents would be intresting. The list is sorted alfabetically by the author name s , or if absent, by name of the publication. Studies Thesis and graduation Media coverage, public defence and post doctoral party Plagiarism detection Graduation Funding Instructions and forms Doctoral conferment ceremony Contact details For international staff.

The exact dates for the Master’s thesis seminar will be informed to the students participating the seminar well in advance. Pre-story before my defense. Any student who is dissatisfied with the decision may seek rectification according to the instructions attached to the letter of decision. When the title of the paper is chosen, one must consider the way how scientific papers are read. Figures, tables, formulas, definitions and theorems are numbered independently within their class. They all must come from outside the University of Eastern Finland.

Publishing of doctoral dissertations

The seminar teaches students they way of conducting independent academic research in their field as well as to present research questions and apply the appropriate research methods. The editor-in-chief gives printing permission. The print run contains: According to the Degree Regulations of the University of Eastern Finland, the opponent must come from outside the University of Eastern Finland and hold at least a docent’s templat or a corresponding academic qualification.


uef thesis template

Help Center Find new research papers in: Dissertations 1and other scientific reports and studies of the University 2 are published in the four main series.

The detailed instructions are always given in the master’s thesis seminar or by the thesis supervisor. Finally, the Faculty Council approves and grades the doctoral dissertation.

The form shall also be signed either by the head of the department or unit or by the kef in charge of the academic subject.

Finally, the Faculty Council approves and grades the doctoral dissertation. Mathematical formulas are written on separate lines if they are too long to be written inline, or if they need reference numbers. The references are often identified by numbers or Family name s of uet author s and the year of publication.

Doctoral dissertation and licentiate thesis

thhesis Please ask further instructions from your thesis supervisors. Taru Nylund will also give further information on applying for the degree certificate. The doctoral student or the editor depending on the faculty requests an ISBN code for the dissertation from by using the web-form.

Save the text in the. Always follow the instructions of your home department. This means that a reader who is familiar with texts in the field of environmental law or policy will be able to understand the basic contents and meaning by merely reading the thesis. Students must include an abstract to the thesis 1 page. Please, return two 2 copies of the filled and signed permission forms to one of the officials of the Faculty.

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If a person other that a professor, associate professor or assistant professor Tenure Track in the Faculty is proposed as the main supervisor for a doctoral dissertation, his or tjesis up-to-date list of publications must accompany the application. On the other hand, the grading is affected by the amount of original contribution generated by the author. These two processes are to be done both at once. Permission form for epublishing dowload here. The layout templates of the publication series of the Faculty of Science and Forestry are available for:.


Box Kampala E-mail: Both the author and the editor need to sign. The library is also responsible for selling the dissertation and determines the price. It is recommended to use the layout template from the beginning of the dissertation writing process.

uef thesis template

The first meeting s take place from September to December. For printing, the University of Eastern Fhesis primarily uses Grano. Theses templat may not be published electronically are available for reading but not for borrowing at the e-Gradu terminals of the campus libraries. The master’s thesis is submitted for formal evaluation through online submission form. The syntax of references is domain-dependent, but at least the following information must be available:.

Each of the four faculties has its own series, and the University has one general series. The form shall also be signed either by the head of the department or unit or by the person in charge of the academic subject.

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