Leadership and Advocacy and Global Leadership and Advocacy. Students who are finishing work in all five course categories listed above during junior year may consider an independent research project. Based in Clarion, Pennsylvania, Clarion University of Pennsylvania is a public university with an enrollment of 4, students. Graduates go into diverse career fields such as business management, finance, international affairs, government, entrepreneurship, insurance, manufacturing, military, retail, and utilities. The new option broadens opportunities available to Eastern Illinois University students while reflecting our society’s need to prepare current and future generations of students for leadership, not only in government but also in nonprofit and advocacy-oriented organizations.

VSU offers a wide range of degree programs and allows undecided students to explore a focus area first. UWP also helps students design custom-tailored degree programs that meet their interests and career aspirations. Additional majors and minors in Economics are available, including a new BS in Quantitative Economics. Students learn to apply economic decision-making tools, construct and apply economic models, and create and analyze economic databases. The waterfront university offers all the advantages of a big school with small class sizes, opportunities to conduct research with professors, and more. In fact, economics can lead to a wide variety of careers in all sorts of industries. Since , the university has worked to create a welcome, diverse environment that inspires creative ideas and student achievement.

This is separate from admission to Kennesaw State.

uiuc political science supporting coursework

They can then choose from two tracks: West Virginia State University is a public historically black university founded in Students develop knowledge of economics, finance, accounting, marketing, and management, in addition to the international dimensions of resource and product markets.


The progressive university pursues global study and understanding across all disciplines. Select or level political science courses, at least 9 hours of which must come from the Public Policy and Democratic Institutions concentration course list maintained by the department. Overview California State University Long Beach currently enrolls over 37, students and has its own zip code.


Facilitated classroom instruction with Chicago Public School students through an educational lens introducing high school youth to college level coursework. This degree program prepares students for successful careers in business, public service, academics, and government service.

Students must maintain a C or higher in all units applied toward the major.

Political Science with the International Studies Option Students who are interested in the international arena often decide to work toward the B. Sciejce teaches courses in American government, political theory and African American politics. They also complete upper-level economics electives, a Business Competency nine related credit hoursor both.

uiuc political science supporting coursework

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Ukuc in Business-Economics enhance their problem-solving skills while building foundational knowledge of business and the economy. Examining Images that shaped the Civil Rights Movement. Students attempting Honors and other students with a strong background in mathematics may take advanced courses intended for graduate students.

Different programs have different requirements for admission. Don’t take our word for it.

Econ in Vienna: Austria (Vienna University of Economics & Business) | Economics at Illinois

Students take courses like: Understanding identity, opportunity, and belonging. Students may choose an emphasis in international business, which prepares graduates to work for multi-national organizations in the global sup;orting market. In addition to standard economics courses, students choose an area of concentration relevant to their career goals, including: USTA has degree programs across four campuses. Historical background about eiu.


Students explore monetary policies, the effects of the national debt, budget deficits, economics, and banking.

uiuc political science supporting coursework

Thirty-three of these hours come from political science classes; these are the core requirements. Courses are grouped into the following categories: Project examined how young people learned basic life skills e. Forging Latinidad in Chicagoland: The department promotes diverse learning experiences that address multiple learning styles while enabling students to apply the skills of comparison, explanation, prediction and critical analysis to a wide variety of political issues and situations.

We also now have a pklitical Option in Civic and Nonprofit Leadership for Political Science Majors, with students able to select between two separate Tracks: Comprised of 11 colleges and two schools, the University of North Texas is a public research university in Denton, Texas.

Help Center Find new research papers in: All students take core courses in macro and microeconomics. Students then tailor their degree by choosing economics courses that align with their career goals. Both programs provide a strong foundation in economic theory and research.

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