From the Amherst Bulletin: In other words, as we work with the fundamental techniques of reading and writing about works of literature and art , how might we integrate these new skills with the cultivation of awareness in our everyday lives? The State of English Studies, Symposium: Juniper Institute for Young Writers. In addition to historical reading, the course focuses on twentieth-century fiction, though it may also cover a couple of nineteenth-century texts.

Program formats vary, with offerings lasting a weekend or a year and participants drawing from faculty or graduate students, but each program is oriented around Active and mindful class participation. For nearly 2, years, rhetoric has been the central academic discipline for thinking about the adaptation of discourse to purpose, audience, occasion, and subject matter. UMass Amherst English Department shared a post. We will hope to develop insight into suffering, personhood, and our accountability to one another, while fostering the empathy and self-reflection that make for a humane society—as potential caregivers and responsive, informed human beings.

umass amherst creative writing specialization

Available at Amherst Books, 3 Main St. We will also read more broadly in order to place the “Canterbury Tales” in the context of Chaucer’s other works and in the context of late fourteenth-century literary culture.

Even more specifically, we will analyze how writers who identify as Asian American challenge the commonplace understanding of race as a natural difference along a black-white binary through their employment of various literary genres such as the novel, drama, short story, and poetry. You will also gain a firm understanding of how literature reflects upon, critiques and sometimes ‘predicts’ political and environmental realities.

Malcolm Sen “If you have the words, there’s always a chance that you will find the way”, wrote Seamus Heaney.

Interested in hearing the poetry and fiction of some of this semester’s creative writing instructors? In this setting South African literature has kept the pulse of its society, registering its lived experience and telling its inner history.

You will also be introduced to Norse and Celtic myths.

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More contemporary rhetorical theories have expanded the purview of rhetoric to include visual media, digital culture, and nonverbal performance and to see rhetorical motivations lurking even in artifacts produced without conscious persuasive design.


We will investigate what led to these two particular protest movements Black Lives Matter and NoDAPLwhat was at stake in each, how they were portrayed in the news media, the role social media played, and the related and relevant cultural productions books, films, art, music that have appeared in their wake.

Exploring these questions, we’ll learn some basic programing in Python, play some interesting computer games, use text-analysis software, experiment with visualization, and do a little data science. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page.

With cultural artifacts that span from the poems of Walt Whitman and the work of Richard Wright to more contemporary authors like Cormac McCarthy and even new media like American Horror Story, this class uses fiction, poetry, and prose with supplemental materials such as art, film, television, and material culture to think about the way that America and the American experience has been constructed, marketed, reimagined, and experienced by various peoples across time with particular emphasis on issues of race and gender.

We will focus on issues of argument, evidence, and style, and students will plan, draft, workshop, and revise essays and other writing assignments, as well as keeping a reading journal throughout the semester.

umass amherst creative writing specialization

How did the Italian humanists, represented by writers such as Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, Giannozzo Manetti, and Pier Paolo Vergerio, envision education, art, literature, civic duty, politics, antiquity, and religion?

What is their take on the defining events of their time like the French Revolution or the anti-slavery debate? To amhersg out, we must first look in.

As a survey course, our aim will be to read widely, think critically, and write ethically. As we shall see: From Syracuse to Syria” addressed how scholars within English Studies can work toward justice.

umass amherst creative writing specialization

Please spread the word! Some scenes from our Spring Symposium at Westfield State University — when teachers come together, learning happens This project will, hopefully, lead us through a diverse and complex archive of American literature where we will reckon with the stories we have told about ourselves, each other, and the nation at stake.


A future website resource of lesson plans and materials will be created for the WMWP community and beyond. Wrifing Scholarly Programs further this mission through gathering advanced scholars to work collaboratively around specific Steve Parks; the title of his talk is “Steps toward Justice: Some of the conventions and themes we will trace include the engagement with oral tradition, representations of history, use craetive Native languages, cultural preservation, issues of sovereignty, and environmental concerns.

Hey–go out and support grad student Haley Cotter at the 3 Minute Th Kmass this amhert, we will investigate writing and its various forms using our surrounding architecture to better understand text: With light weekly reading and writing assignments based on these readings, we will look to apply and extend the personal—that is, that which presses us.

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Structured in workshop style we will explore questions such as: Students will read and write a variety of literary non-fiction forms, including memoir, documentary essays, and profiles, and the course will have a workshop component.

Enter the terms you wish to search for. Finally, they are exposed to the range of professional writing careers as they explore writing on both theoretical and practical planes through consideration of audience, as well as wider professional, social, and cultural contexts.

A working knowledge of English grammar is recommended. Students can expect a heavy reading load, some writing, and a class presentation on one of the assigned works and from what it steals.

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