Change of Student Information. Directions for Correspondence or Inquiries. Newly admitted students should contact the department for information about the assignment of an advisor. Guide to Catalogue Entries. Some programs automatically register new students into initial courses. The following paragraphs summarize the grade appeal process. Colleges, Departments, and Programs.

Trustees, Officers, Administrators and Faculty. The Registrar will enforce policies to see that transcript requests are reasonable. A course load of 9 credits per semester is considered full-time in a graduate program. Change of Student Information. Degrees and Other Programs Offered. Students planning to be absent from classes due to religious observance must notify their instructors at least one week in advance, and otherwise follow university policy regarding attendance.

Once a student graduates, the transcript is closed to umazs changes with the exception of correction of errorsto preserve the accuracy of the certification. Some programs automatically register new students into initial courses.

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Degree Conferral guideelines Commencement. We wish to alert students to possible negative consequences of withholding disclosure of directory information; an example might be a company asking for a current address to contact you to offer you a job.

The student must be passing at the time of the request or must be sufficiently close to passing for the instructor to believe that upon completion of the work the student will pass the course. Timing of a Formal Appeal. Services and Support for Graduate Students.

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Division of Professional and Continuing Education. Indicates satisfactory completion of course requirements. A grade appeal will be pursued only if there is a valid dartmuoth and evidence.

As tthesis earlier, a student is expected to meet his or her financial obligations to the university. The full directory is offered as a whole in printed form computer print-outfor a fee that recovers our expenses.


This list of examples should not be considered exhaustive. Maintenance of University Records.

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To give an example, students dartmmouth completed final required courses in December had the degree conferred on January 31,as did students completing a final required course in the January Intersession. Only after the student meets all financial obligations to UMass Dartmouth will the registration be considered final and official.

umass dartmouth thesis guidelines

Any modifications must be giudelines clearly and in a timely manner. Continuation or Interruption of Registration. The Office of the University Registrar maintains the official educational records of all graduate and undergraduate students. Registration must be completed by the end of the Add-Drop period as shown on the academic calendar for the semester.

The grading system—as applicable for graduate study—includes the following letter grades and quality points:. Students planning to be absent from classes due to religious observance must notify their instructors at least one week in advance, and otherwise follow university policy regarding attendance. Students on leaves of absence who exceed their stipulated time on leave will be considered to have withdrawn and so will be subject to the re-admission procedures. Dart,outh to Individual Educational Records.

This individual will offer advice to both students and faculty about the issues involved in penalizing academic dishonesty, and the process of appealing such penalties.

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Faculty, staff, and students are advised that the list is not exhaustive of observances of any religion. The University does not tolerate academic dishonesty of any variety, whether as a result of a failure to understand proper academic and scholarly procedure or as an act of intentional dishonesty.


Students completing final required courses in spring had the degree conferred on May 23, when graduate commencement was held that year. In extreme and exceptional cases, on request of the student, the instructor and the appropriate college dean may authorize changes in grades which are over one year. Whether for a one- or two-semester course, the grade received at the end of each semester stands as the final grade for guiidelines semester.

Instead of or in addition to assessing such penalties, a faculty member may refer the matter thrsis the UMass Dartmouth Student Umaes.

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Those who must interrupt progress toward their degrees should seek formal leave of absence. Trustees, Officers, Administrators and Faculty. Issues concerning the catalogue that governs for individual students are resolved at the level of the college dean.

Likewise, students who discontinue studies without an approved leave of absence will be subject to applying again for admission see Re Admission Procedure. Students cartmouth responsible for adhering to class rules and policies and are subject to penalties for violations.

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