I also wrote and graded weekly quizzes, and graded the team homework assignments. A word to any of my students who find this post. The mathlab is like a live-action version of math. I feel that, psychologically, there is a big difference between having one or two questions that my hypothetical student can solidly get right, and having him pick up a smattering of partial credit on each of nine or ten questions that are too hard for him. I think I took these messages too strongly to heart. Every time they copied an expression from one part of the page to another, there is a high probability that a plus sign will change to a minus.

What is T of Mercury in days? It worked better than I expected, but I still have some concerns. In each case, for many of my classmates, that was the beginning of the end. For example, when counting boxes under a curve, they pointed at the squares in a random order, rather than sweeping from left to right, top to bottom. I missed this over and over. We want to find the orbiting period in days of Mercury which has a semimajor axis of 58 million km. If I wanted something with slowly decreasing oscilations, or with a very narrow tall spike, I knew exactly which example to bring up.

Inexperienced teachers often do best with advanced material, or at least advanced students— contexts where something has filtered out the biggest teaching challenges and the students resemble less-trained versions of the instructor.

umich team homework math 115

Menu Skip to content. I feel that the former was achieved fairly well in practice, though I have some complaints, but the latter was not. If the promise of academia were withdrawn, would people with a passion and skills for mathematics still become instructors?

How To Write Up Team Homework

Moreover, while the course coordinators are highly experienced professionals, almost all of the day-to-day instruction is done by a small army of grad students and postdocs; I was one of the very few tenured or tenure track people teaching calculus this term. The semimajor axis of a planet’s orbit is the average of the largest and the smallest distances between the planet and the sun.


And, while skilled instructors with an excellent command of the mathematical field may be more common than skilled researchers, they are going to be rare as well. Especially in the first half of the term, I tried to spend almost the entire class period working with small groups.

Team Homework

Mathematical writing is a specialized skill. In each case, for many of my classmates, that was the beginning of the end. What is earth’s period? My students commented in person and on evaluations at how willing and able I was to discuss anything mathematical, and the course coordinator who observed my teaching commented on how effectively I could enter in the middle of a mathematical conversation.

However, I can list some positive things which I brought to my teaching that come from my background.

Some thoughts on teaching Michigan calculus | Secret Blogging Seminar

Two benefits of clearly restating the problem are: Obviously, I would be very glad to hear counter-arguments! Do you have any thoughts on what benefits your students might have had from having you teach the class rather than a proficient graduate student? In these situations, departments may only have enough professor lines to staff the upper level i.

The Question Each planet moves around the sun in an elliptical orbit.

umich team homework math 115

I talked about how hkmework average of a left hand and right hand Riemann sum will converge much faster than either side alone. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Consider a student who has learned the basic mechanical skills of numerically approximating a derivative from data, or of differentiating some complex expression.

Most grad students are new to teaching and not initially as good as they become later.


If Tram wanted something with slowly decreasing oscilations, or with a very narrow tall spike, I knew exactly which example to bring up. Over and over, I saw students who really committed to their teams get great benefits out of it. In my homewogk, I was competing with grad students who had taken calculus far more recently than I had; had taught it several times before; and who were often extraordinary competitors with a string of Olympiad medals and Putnam victories.

Grad students graduate; postdocs leave. I think they could teach low level math courses as well as I do. Partly, I think this is important for maintaining student motivation. If the department saved money by getting rid of me and using lecturers or, given the constraints of tenure, by not replacing the next mathematician who retiresthat money would not go to the department budget; it would go to some other department or to a decrease in our rate of tuition increase.

Math 115 Section 005 — Fall 2017

This student has not learned nearly as much as we want him to. Below it are four possible restatements of the problem.

Just emphasize how crucial it was to pass the Gateway a computer administered exam testing this skilland the students would teach themselves. The exams You can see the exams here: You Restate The Problem by explaining what the problem is asking for as you understand it.

Team homework My students were organized into groups of four who met weekly to work together on more challenging problems, which they wrote up as a 11 and received a single collective grade for.

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