This has two consequences. The exams You can see the exams here: Before answering, I want to point out that university departments are not idealized firms, who aim to produce a service as efficiently as possible. I want to take the opportunity to brag about the most fun example of this: If you are thinking of importing MI calculus into your school, you should think about how to take care of your teachers. From a more practical perspective, almost none of my students naturally grasped this idea. I feel that the former was achieved fairly well in practice, though I have some complaints, but the latter was not.

I do think there are advantages to having instructors with more mathematical experience then a grad student can obtain, and I talked about some of them above. I think we should give him a question on the exam where he can display this mastery. There are very few people who will enjoy an activity at which they regularly have no small successes. Obviously, I would be very glad to hear counter-arguments! I was very concerned about this going into the course. The coordinators also held weekly meetings to brief us on where the course was going. I did the day-to-day teaching 3 times a week, 80 minutes per meeting.

I highly encourage you to work hard on your team homework, and to talk in depth with your teammates about the problems. I found my calculus classes to be the place where I really learned algebra.

I applaud Michigan for recognizing that it is worth paying full time staff to do this job, and finding ones who did it so well. In these situations, departments may only have enough professor lines to staff the upper level i. When I teach this class again, I will make a similar deal.

Grad students graduate; postdocs leave. Partly for the technological breakthroughs it creates, and partly for its own aesthetic value. But I think a lot of it comes from continuously thinking about a wide range of mathematics over the last twelve years.


I was very concerned about this going into the course. As for the comments on departments not being idealized firms, I will just point out that most public institutions other than flagship universities, as well as lower tier liberal arts colleges, are under such budget pressures that they have no choice but to have most of their teaching done by graduate students and adjuncts. The athletes really got a kick out of table 1 from this papershowing how world class runners accelerate second by second; a lot of students enjoyed figuring out how long a runway a Ford Mustang needs to accelerate to mph using the data here.

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The applied and conceptual focus of the class Calculus at Michigan focuses very heavily on working with data and on 161 what computation to do, rather than how to do it. I think I did a good job explaining it and fitting it into the course material.

Hhomework mathlab Michigan has a large room called the mathlab it could probably hold people or so filled with round tables and staffed 8 hours a day by tutors who can provide help with mathematics courses. He should do poorly on the exam — a C minus or a D. I think they could teach low level math courses as well as I do. I enjoyed the real world examples.

umich team homework math 116

Similarly, I knew how I should expect numerical computations to behave. Every time they copied an expression from one part of the page to another, there is a high probability that a plus sign will change to a minus.

This has two consequences.

umich team homework math 116

The coordinators also held weekly meetings to brief us on where the course was going. There are a lot of problems in the webhomework mainly sections 5.

I felt guilty and awkward about it.

I very much doubt you can visually perceive the difference between a straight line and two lines making an angle of with each other and this can make a substantial difference in an integral. I tteam we should give him a question on the exam where he heam display this mastery. Partly, I think this is important for maintaining student motivation.


If the promise of academia were withdrawn, would people with a passion and skills for mathematics still become instructors?

Some thoughts on teaching Michigan calculus | Secret Blogging Seminar

How many of those competitors come back the next year? New instructors can get the gist by talking to older 161, but without close supervision, they still have to guess a lot. Now, I think pure mathematical research is a crucial investment in the future of our society.

I talked about how the average of a left hand and right hand Riemann sum will converge much faster than either side alone.

Some thoughts on teaching Michigan calculus

I talked about how the tea rate in a left umicch or right hand Riemann sum is controlled by the steepness of the function, while the error in the average is controlled by the curvy-ness. Moreover, while the course coordinators are highly experienced professionals, almost all of the day-to-day instruction is done by a small army of grad students and postdocs; I was one of the very few tenured or tenure track people teaching calculus this term.

Do you have any thoughts on what benefits your students might have had from having you teach the class rather than a proficient graduate student? This paradox demonstrates the ,ath very vividly. Of course, I am a highly competitive person, and I wanted my sections to blow the others out of the water.

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