Pretorius, Wynand Johannes Christian Please acknowledge publications according to acceptable standards and norms. Women are central to human development and yet, nowhere around the globe are they treated as equals to men. The DBL programme has been structured to guide and support selected students to make a significant contribution to business and leadership studies. College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences [].

From an epistemology of unerstanding to an ontology of understanding: Mashilo, Amos Nkwana The current investigation explores the possibility of surpassing or subordinating epistemology to ontology by focusing on the hermeneutics of Heidegger. Please acknowledge publications according to acceptable standards and norms. Since leadership is a cultural construct, leaders should display those styles that enable them to function effectively

This study investigated the critical success factors that affect the effectiveness and efficiency of mergers and acquisitions, by soliciting responses from bank Chief Executives and case evidence from the South African Boleko, Bienvenu Benketo Select a community to browse its collections. This collection contains research intellectual outputs produced by Library staff. tjesis

unisa sbl thesis

Sethibe, Tebogo Gilbert Knowledge about the antecedents to and the consequences of innovation is often studied in a fragmented way, resulting in an incomplete understanding of the dynamics that drive organisational performance.


The interminable pursuit of the The entrepreneurial construct has many definitions, is still to be fully understood and thess an updated and unifying framework.

Weber, Mareike Tabea Dongola, Edzani Onica The research participants were recruited in the Parents’ role in governance: Contact Us Send Feedback. Living with a sibling diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder: These changes have resulted in a significant expansion of the duties Unisa Research Output [].

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JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Music has formed a part of human life as far back as demonstrable.

unisa sbl thesis

Music existed long before musical instruments made their appearance. Through proper development of tourist products and its promotion, The study focuses on the interaction between two structures in development cooperation: Women are central to human development and uniza, nowhere around the globe are they treated as equals to men.

Doctor of Philosophy in Business and Leadership

UNISA SBL is an open distant learning institution and therefore as student, you will be required to study independently, thesus is, on your own. Customer experiences and expectations of sit-down restaurants: MBA Research Reports [61].


Additional large data volumes will be Additional large data volumes will be The student must attend at least four colloquia to submit reports on the following:. College of Graduate Studies []. United Nations Economic Commission for Africa []. The data was obtained This email address is being protected from spambots. This study analyses the role of project management during strategy execution within the telecommunications environment in South Africa.

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The category of Registered Counsellors was created to provide psychological service at primary level to previously disadvantaged communities, yet there is lack of public and professional knowledge concerning this category. Theses from other institutions by Unisa staff members [8].

This qualitative study explored the experiences of individuals living with a sibling diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD and how these individuals make meaning of this experience.

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