Each stanza employs its own mini-metaphors within the large one of the poem. The first contains the long and winding journeys description, the second, the inn, the third, the fellow travelers, and the fourth, the final rest at the end of the journey. Collecting and Analysing Data Assignment. Then, To his Coy. Lenten pathways descend into darkness and ascend to the cross, the final up-hill climb. Rossetti is considered one of the finest religious poets of her time and her many spiritual beliefs are conveyed in her poem “Uphill”. There are only directions to a place where people gather to comfort one another in the midst of their pain.

The first question and answer the speaker mentions is a metaphor to depict the road being traveled, conveying that it is difficult and long, much like life: Instead of marrying, she used her convictions to script eloquent poetry that reaffirms faith for the faithful and provides faith for the hopeless. The descending pathway from the Mount of Transfiguration leads to Jerusalem. Essays in Memory of Fr. The rhyme scheme also adds to the attractiveness of the poem. Symbols are layered throughout the text to assist the reader with identifying heaven. The Biblical allusions Rossetti uses in the poem help the reader understand what happens after death.

uphill christina rossetti essay

This verse serves as a point of reference to lines fifteen and sixteen in the poem: From his exalted glory on a high mountain, Jesus descends into the suffering that awaits him. The speaker hopes to find the same comfort and peace in heaven with an eternal place to sleep. One would imagine that it is quite impossible to miss heaven.

Analysis of “Uphill” by Christina Rossetti Essay Example for Free – Sample words

It makes the poem much more interesting, and tends to grab the readers attention more. Beds invoke feelings of comfort and warmth and peace. But to look deeper into the poem is to see a completely different yet parallel subject.


It wasn’t until after he had slept with her that he left her for her cousin, Kate. In the second two stanzas, the traveler learns that chriztina will not be alone upon this long journey.

The one who encounters the communion of suffering becomes a place of communion herself.

‘Up-hill’ by Christina Rossetti – Anglican Pastor

rosdetti This inn symbolizes heaven, a place where the speaker may take his rest once the darkness closes in upon him. What we need from you is to provide us with your detailed paper instructions for our experienced writers to follow all of your specific writing requirements. Rossetti is considered one of the finest religious poets of her time and her many spiritual beliefs are conveyed in her poem “Uphill”. May 2nd, 0 Comments. Symbols are layered throughout the text christin assist the reader with identifying heaven.

She dreads the possibility that there will be no resting-place in the night hours of her uphill journey. Shall I meet other wayfarers exsay night?

Additionally, the structure of the novel divides the story into two contrasting halves.

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We long for communion in the darkness, searching for friendship in the midst of our own loneliness. Another idea presented by Toffler was setting up,?


Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! The amount of sulphate is determined quantitatively as barium sulphate, BaSO4, by gravimetric analysis. Click to learn more https: This gives the impression that there is no rest for the weary pilgrim. How about make it original?

Analysis of “Uphill” by Christina Rossetti Essay

If one thinks about the way that the author has phrased the poem, and that it seems as if the journey has yet to take place, rosssetti is quite possible that the author, being a devout Catholic, might have tried to imagine what an angel might say to an unborn baby to ease its mind. In “Uphill,” Rossetti uses metaphors to invite the reader to draw comparisons between one’s journey through life, death, and eternal rest. It is one who has traveled this dark and fearsome path before.

The author uses phrases to indicate, yet not quite state, the theme of the poem.

Ostensibly, the poem is about a traveler asking another person about the journey to come. Assurance of such a place is found esszy line eight when the inn is used as a metaphor to describe heave, a place that: Questions establish the structure of this poem.

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uphill christina rossetti essay

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