This information outlines the role of examiners in the thesis examination process for graduate research degrees. For successful payment, we require the following banking details:. When you nominate your thesis examiners, you and your advisors have to complete a conflict of interest declaration. Thesis chapters must be in a logical and cogent sequence leading to an argument that supports the main findings of the thesis. The Graduate School anticipates that feedback on your examination should be available within four months, however this time may vary depending on the speed of response from your examiners.

Examiners are given two weeks to advise whether the changes are satisfactory. Returning from interruption Next. Definitions, Terms, Acronyms Chair of Examiners – an academic staff member of the University nominated by the Head of the Enrolling AOU who is familiar with the research discipline, or in the case of multi-disciplinary theses, be familiar with part of the research discipline represented in the thesis. The thesis must contain an introduction that contextualises the research in relation to the present state of knowledge in the field. The candidate not yet be awarded the degree, but be allowed to resubmit a thesis revised in response to the comments and recommendations of the examiner s. The written reports must be sent directly to the Graduate School at least 48 hours prior to oral examination for the oral examination to proceed. However, the determination of outcome remains with the Dean, who will consider the examiners’ written reports together with the report from the oral examination panel.

Guides are available to illustrate the examination timeline with an oral examination and without an oral examination. Thesis embargo – Temporary examkners of a thesis for a period of up to 3 years. Chair of Examiners If the thesis is not received after this time, the matter is referred to the Graduate School, and then to the Dean of the Graduate School. Reports are not provided to candidates until they have been received from both examiners. This may occur when the examiners’ recommendations are highly divergent or when there is a recommendation thess revise and resubmit.


No changes Thesis correction letter.

uq thesis examiners

The Graduate School is dedicated to ensuring your thesis is examined in a reasonable time so you can make any required corrections and be conferred. Is there a clear and discernible coherence in the presented research, its arguments and conclusions?

Discuss potential examiners with your advisory team at the thesis review milestone, or about 3 months before your submission date. This enables the quality of the candidate to also be examined. PhD – Doctor of Philosophy.

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Returning from interruption Next. This form must be signed by the candidate, the Thesiss Advisor, and the Postgraduate Coordinator to ensure that everyone is aware of the request and of the consequences. Where the candidate and Principal Advisor have differing views on the selection of the access option, the matter will be referred to the Dean for determination. Confidential examinations It is generally understood that all theses are dealt with in a confidential manner by examiners in all cases.


Clear statements of authorship and contribution to each paper must be provided in the preliminary pages of the thesis. Revise and Resubmit Examination outcome: The candidate not yet be awarded the degree, but be allowed to repeat the oral examination component in response to the comments and recommendation of the oral examination panel. In your thesis you have to: Following this extended period a candidate may request a final 3 month extension, after which time they may be liable for withdrawal from the degree without academic penalty.

If changes to the thesis are required, the candidate must upload the copy of the corrected thesis plus a list of the changes made to the thesis to the UQ eSpace prior to completion of the paperwork for the conferral of the degree.


Examiners of UQ theses

Submitted papers must be clearly distinguished from work that has already been published or accepted for publication. All of your examiners need to be external to UQ. If no currency is chosen, you will be paid in your local currency.

Open Access – Thesis publically searchable and available via the Internet. The candidate not yet be awarded the degree, but be allowed to resubmit thssis thesis revised in response to the comments and recommendations of the examiner s.

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The Dean will then advise the student of this decision. On the basis of these reports, the Dean of the Graduate School determines the examination outcome. Award of degree Dean’s award. Nominating thesis examiners Discuss potential examiners with your advisory tjesis at the thesis review milestone, or about 3 months before your submission date.

uq thesis examiners

What code is in the image?: Support Options Available for Staff 5. For example, this situation may arise when a thesis contains material that may be commercial-in-confidence, may give rise to a patent, or may be legally or culturally sensitive.

Site search Search Menu. Payment by Electronic Funds Transfer Thesiz Approximately 4 weeks after receipt of your examiners report, payment will be paid into your nominated bank account.

uq thesis examiners

All Conflicts of Interest COI are declared so that a thesis may be assessed free from any perception of bias or preferential treatment.

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