Whatever you are going to do next, you need to hone your research and writing skills and that is what you will learn as you write an MA thesis. She will then submit all the forms to the Graduate Admissions and Records Office. The latter might consist of a doctoral dissertation, a policy report or a long piece of investigative journalism. You will receive an email that lists any required changes or confirms that the format has been approved. If you have your proposal which serves as your draft introductory chapter and about half the body of the thesis written by mid-April, you will be in good shape. Ask a colleague to flip through the pages, looking for anything that is displaying oddly: Skip to primary navigation.

You may be asked to do more substantial revisions minor or major , but if so you will be given very specific directions about what you have to do. When distributing your thesis, tell your committee when you are hoping to defend so that you can get an idea if this is a suitable time for them. Please also ask the Graduate Program Assistant for the Degree Completion Checklist – this list contains all of the steps that you will need to follow to complete your degree requirements. Before you begin reading or writing anything, ask yourself how the work might contribute to your thesis. This means that you will write three or four times as much as you will ultimately use. Don’t leave the writing until you have done all your research. Keep that in mind when you develop your thesis proposal.

Final submission

Only when these revisions are done to the satisfaction of the examiners will you get your degree. Skip to secondary navigation. This will help you to keep on track and to get through the inevitable crises that come when you think, “I don’t know what to say.


uvic thesis defence

Return to secondary navigation. You may need to reorganize your material after you have finished writing your first draft.

At the defense you will give a 20 minute presentation followed by questions. With your supervisor, plan a date in August for the oral examination when all the members of your committee will be available. Sign in to online tools Sign out UVic Search. Return to global menu. At UVic, the oral defence will be scheduled after your thesis is complete, submitted, and distributed to your examination committee this will include your supervisor, an internal examiner, and an external examiner.

Whatever you are going to do next, you need to hone your research and writing skills and that is what you will learn as you write an MA thesis.

Pinstripes and flippers: UVic grad student takes academia underwater

His advisors will be listening and talking to him via video conferencing on a inch screen on the dock. He has brought together UVic ocean scientists, students, dive industry technicians his father being one of themteachers, engineers and tech enthusiasts to co-found the Fish Eye Projecta not-for-profit organization using innovative technology to build ocean awareness. If you haven’t applied by these dates, submit your application via your MyPage as soon as possible.

Your Supervisor agrees that you are ready to defend Your supervisor must have read your thesis and agrees that you are ready to defend. This happens very infrequently; in most cases some changes will need to be made. Last updated October 27, Regulations governing defrnce choice of external examiners are as follows: April 21, – Suzanne Ahearne.

Ask defemce colleague to flip through the pages, looking for anything that is displaying oddly: A thesis is an academic exercise and that it is designed to teach you things that you cannot easily learn in any other way. The External Examiner must be chosen by the supervisor and in the case of PhD oral exams must be approved by the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.


For instance, you may decide that your original analysis of the problem was mistaken, and that a theory that you had initially discarded is actually the correct one. Grad Studies needs a month to organize the exam and to arrange for a Chair for the Oral.

uvic thesis defence

You must also submit a copy of dwfence thesis approval form to your supervisor at the time of your examination. If you have two co-supervisors, they each must complete a copy of confirmation of Arm’s Length status form. You will need to allow a couple of months for this process of ethical review, so you won’t be able to start your field research until mid-April or later.

uvic thesis defence

Develop your analysis May – June: Revise final draft and prepare for defense August: If you’re lucky, the changes will all be “editorial”: Details can be found on the following pages:.

Your result will be one of four possibilities, two of which rarely happen.

Master’s oral exam announcements – University of Victoria

Skip to primary navigation. Return to global menu. Having worked out what you need to read in order to understand the problem you are investigating, you will need to begin collecting material, scanning it, and identifying what you will have to read more closely. If you do tbesis proposal and necessary background work during the fall term, you will be in a position to begin your actual thesis writing when classes start in January.

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