Students who have never studied a world language will need to complete ten quarter credits or six semester credits of a single world language. Learn about UW Bothell in one spot! Key Dates Depending on the quarter and major you are applying for, there may be different priority dates for application submission. There are many different support services and resources available to help students succeed in their studies. Identify the a category for the activity club, sport, academic, etc. Identify and describe up to eight of the most significant activities you have participated in throughout high school.

A clinical supervisor can serve as a professional reference for those just completing an ADN program. Learn about UW Bothell in one spot! Do not simply restate what can already be seen on your transcript. Official test scores from SAT school code: Information on how to start your online application is below. Transfer Students Tips for Transferring.

Requirements to Apply – Undergraduate Admissions – UW Bothell

Trasfer should I write about in my personal statement? Apply First Year Students. College course work must be at the level or higher. For more information regarding English language proficiency, click here. A world language course taken in the eighth grade may satisfy one year of the requirement if the second-year course is completed in high school If made up through college course work: A course-by-course evaluation must be sent to the Office of Admissions at UW Bothell in a sealed envelope or other means of official transmission directly from the evaluation agency.

uw bothell transfer essay

If you are interested in living on-campus, an application for Housing is required. An official high school transcript including a graduation date.


Those applying to the Elementary Education Teacher Certification Program must answer the essay questions outlined on the School transefr Educational Studies website.

Courses in statistics, logic, or computer science do not satisfy the mathematics requirement. We have over 90 diverse student clubs and organizations you can join. Your activities were limited because of resources, work, and family obligations or otherwise.

What are my transportation options to get to campus? University of Washington Placement: The personal statement should be a comprehensive narrative essay outlining significant aspects of your academic trasnfer personal history, particularly those that provide context for your academic achievements and educational choices.

The dictionary is organized into sections that make understanding these terms easier for every step of your bothwll as you begin your college career. The Office of Admissions provides guidelines to assist homeschooled applicants in becoming eligible for admission consideration. College Academic Distribution Requirements CADR’s In accordance with Washington Student Achievement Council WSAC requirements and to ensure that students entering UW Bothell are adequately prepared to succeed in college, all First Year student applicants are required to complete a minimum level of preparation in the below subject areas through high school or college course work prior to entering the University.

Transfer students should ua that there may be major-specific prompts based on your requested major.

uw bothell transfer essay

Mathematics course work taken in the senior year may overlap with the Senior Year Math-Based Quantitative requirement. Fine, Visual, or Performing Arts If taken in high school: International students who entered the U. A letter of recommendation from a school official who has observed your work with children is required.


Transfer Admission Requirements – Undergraduate Admissions – UW Bothell

When a transfer application is submitted, an automatic email from college net is sent to the applicant as a reminder to submit transcripts. Many bus teansfer serve the UW Bothell campus.

Applications typically open at the end of February. Home Undergraduate Admissions Apply Now. Checklist Make sure you are prepared and have everything you need to complete your application.

uw bothell transfer essay

An application is complete when we have all the documents and any other supplemental materials needed e. Academic electives are courses in any of the six subject areas defined above beyond the minimum number of years specified above.

Personal Statements

Please visit the Husky Promise page for more information and eligibility requirements. Everything you need to botehll about how to apply as a transfer student can be found here.

A student who studied a world language for one year in high school needs to complete only the second five quarter credits e. Our admission specialists will determine whether the credits are transferable to the UW. The student population is very diverse and tends to have a lot of work experience to complement their education. Transfer applicants apply here. Proof of measles immunization is required for enrollment.

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