Other requests come from students whom they barely know. Psychology is a prerequisite for Psychology E and E. These include working or volunteering as a research assistant, or completing an Independent Study course for credit. Timetables should be set-up appropriately with Faculty Supervisors. Generally, first-year students those with fewer than three advanced standing credits are admitted to Year I, general Social Science, Arts and Humanities or Science.

No more than Frequently Asked Questions Q: Because graduate and professional programs are highly competitive, it is important to have very strong letters of recommendation. Interviews with each professor will be organized for the first week of the academic year Speed Interview Format. If you list the supervisor as your top choice, and they list you as their top choice, you will be matched. There is a Mathematics prerequisite for both the Psychology Major module and for the Honours Specialization modules in Psychology. You are about to begin a life-changing experience that will provide foundational skills in the psychology and prepare you for the next leg of your career development.

This program requires the equivalent of Psychology formerly an introductory course and a first-year Mathematics course. Be academically engaged rather than passive. Physiology and y or the former Physiology ; Physiology a see academic calendar for psychology prerequisites. Psychology E is reserved for students in uwi Honors BSc Psychology program who wish to count their thesis toward the 6.

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Here are some friendly words of advice to help you make the most of your academic experience. If you are a 3rd year DCN student you need to contact the head of the DCN program during your 3rd year to discuss plans for your honors thesis project and supervision. An undergraduate psychology honors thesis is a major research project in Psychology carried out by a 4th year honors psychology student under the mentorship of a qualified psychology supervisor, usually a full-time psychology professor on main campus.


The Psychology programs are structured in a way so as to build your scholarly skills incrementally.

Honors Thesis – Physiology and Pharmacology – Western University

The thdsis are meant to prepare you for the next leg of your training. Step Two — Review by the Department. The second evaluation will be done at the end of the second term.

Students should allow sufficient time for the processing of this material, which may take several weeks or longer, depending on the time of year. What is a Transfer Student?

Surname or Professor Surname. It is in your interest to check out thesi supervisors from a few different areas.

Eligibility will be determined by the Undergraduate office through the adjudication process, and communicated to you via email by late May. Students seeking permission to uwp a Psychology course at another university in substitution for a UWO Psychology course should proceed as follows before consulting an Academic Counsellor in the Psychology Department: Once you know what your advanced standing is, then Faculty and Department Counsellors will help you to determine how the credits can be used toward your Western degree.

I want to add a course, but it is full. For further information on the transfer of credit from another university, see the section entitled “Letters of Permission” in a current version of the UWO Academic Calendar. On the website of the Canadian Psychological Association you psychllogy find a very helpful document that outlines what is required to apply to graduate school in Psychology: No more than Some people will not get their top choice, or maybe even their second or third choice, depending on who they have psycjology.


uwo psychology honours thesis

Electives or Other 4. During the latter half of your third year in an Honors Specialization module in Psychology, you should be thinking about obtaining an advisor for your 4th year Honors Thesis course major research project carried out under the direction of a qualified advisor.

Physiology E Prerequisite s: The syllabus, in turn, must be approved by the instructor of the UWO course. Many factors are taken into consideration when permission is sought and students should note that receiving special permission is not guaranteed.

uwo psychology honours thesis

The description must include information on whether the proposed course is a full-year or a half-year course, and whether the course is psycbology second, third, or fourth year offering. If you would like to work with adjunct faculty, senior PhD students, or postdoctoral fellows you must have a Full Time faculty member act as a co-supervisor for the thesis course. Which Psychology Module is For Me?

Honors Thesis

Students need to have a Grade 12 Mathematics course Advanced Functions, Calculus and Vectors, or Mathematics of Data Management in order to complete the prerequisite of 1. This will ensure you are not too far behind if you are admitted to the module the following year.

You should make an appointment to see the counselor in the Psychology Department for a course evaluation of the Psychology course to ensure the course satisfies the Year I Psychology requirement.

Attend classes, read, and complete assignments to the best of your ability.

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