Recommendation The best option would be to implement alternative 3. Fire the people who are not compliment with their inventory responsibilities. What is wrong with Vetements Ltee? Managers had an unhealthy management ability which resulted in employees’ complains. In additional, the relationship between employees was not good, and nobody was willing to restock warehouse in stores.

Thus, this goal would be positive for employees in the winning store. Page 1 of 2. Higher commissions lost while employees are doing inventory work. Social- employee morale in down- customer service is lacking Technological- new inventory system assist in ordering Economic- old system putting employees in financial strain. For example, in addition to a sales commission, sales employees could share a quarterly reward for the store with the best appearance.

Click to learn more https: Store managers made ineffective use of punishment.

Employees are not working inventory management as much as they should wnswers of punishment. The areas of focus in the equity theory are inputs effort, time, abilityoutcomes pay, achievementand comparison other other employees.

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The new incentive system focuses on the productivity of the employees. Retrieved 03,from https: Ease your MBA workload and get more time for yourself.

vetements ltee case study answers

SWOT analysis of the new incentive system. Higher commissions lost while employees are doing inventory work. Please login to view the full paper. Hi there, would you like to get such a paper?


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Sorry, but copying text is not allowed on this site. Majority employees were unwilling to restock inventory and complete inventory recorder forms, which caused a stores shortage at store. This staffs feel inequity and thereby adjust their behaviour to minimize tension of inequity.

vetements ltee case study answers

How about make it original? The incentive system has been designed to benefit the company financially by incentivizing the aanswers employees for increasing the sa Expectancy theory can be applied to stufy case to explain employee motivation to hoard customers at the store entrance rather than attend to lower traffic parts of the store and complete inventory duties.

Behaviour modification is a key factor because the reward system reinforces the inappropriate behaviours. The OB Mod concept of extinction explains why sales employees do not perform inventory control duties.

Employees who stock inventory and serve low traffic parts of store have same inputs but lower outcomes than the hoarders. Studu use cookies to give you the best experience possible. These differences have arisen because of the new challenges that have cropped up due to the following: Only available on ReviewEssays.

Punishment is applied when store managers reprimand and vetemejts to dismiss employees for failing to perform inventory duties. Store managers have tried to solve the inventory problems by assigning employees to inventory duty, but this has created resentment among the staff selected. On the other hand, sales staff in stores were in lower level of conscientiousness and spirit of collaboration because they did not like to take responsibility for some basic jobs: Work as a team and share rewards and introduce incentive programs.


vetements ltee case study answers

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Situational Analysis The new incentive system has led to differences among the employees. Recommendation The best option would be to implement alternative 3. Vetements Ltee Executives Has to do what: How to cite this page Choose cite format: The store managers have tried, with limited success, to correct these problems.

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