Begin with a direct quotation or paraphrase whose meaning pertains to the main points you are trying to convey in your essay i. Include information about who you are as a person and what diversity you might bring to the institution. Upon completing a degree in veterinary medicine, I aspire to work as a companion animal veterinarian, eventually open my own practice, and continue to advance my knowledge. Here are some tips specific to veterinary school personal statement: What have been the pivotal moments in your life? Speak from your heart. In addition to my employment at AEH, I have gained experiences and valuable skills through observing at four small animal clinics, an equine practice, a zoological hospital, and at the West Michigan Beef Company.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Living in Ecuador and traveling abroad made me aware of the need for veterinary care in developing countries. State what you will be talking about in the paper. Experience has taught me that some things change and others do not, while that which remains the same defines us, drives us, and makes us who we are. Refine Your Writing The most important part of the personal statement is the impression of yourself that you are creating. Please do not attempt to copy or use this statement in any way, shape, or form — plagiarism is a serious issue and it is one way to make sure you never get into veterinary school.

Always keep in mind that your essay must be interesting enough to immediately grab the reader’s attention and compelling enough to hold it whether your essay is the first or fiftieth one the reader has seen that day. What obstacles have you overcome?

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I eagerly continue to pursue any opportunity I encounter to widen my breadth of knowledge about veterinary medicine. It almost goes without saying that my desire to care for animals led me to want to become a veterinarian, but the untraditional and circuitous path I have taken toward that goal is worthy of note.


In time, I realized that animals have been the most important and most consistent facet of my life. There I stood holding the oxygen support mask near the mouth of Tanner, the family’s beloved labrador, as he took his last breaths. The personal statement is arguably one of the most important aspects of your application because it is one of your only chances to speak directly to the review committee about yourself.

Through my indirect path, I gained a better understanding of myself, confidence in my chosen profession, and skills that may prove as valuable to a veterinarian as they are to a psychologist.

A history was collected, which I communicated to the doctor, and a treatment plan was drawn up for me to present to the distraught owner. My biggest advice is to get started early, have a lot of people look over it, and revise it many times. Use your experiences to provide personal insight into your personal attributes. The internet also has a lot of resources out there that can be very helpful in getting started. It is up to you how much effort you want to put into the personal statement, but remember that this is your chance to speak to the admissions committee directly on a personal level.

It is expected that your personal statement be error-free.

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The most important part of the personal statement is the impression of yourself that you are creating.

His weeping owners stood next to me. Put the reader into the middle of a conversation, whether it be an actual talk between two people or your own internal thoughts i. However, there are other aspects of veterinary work. Yet, finding a deeper answer to her question became a driving force in my life. Instead, just start writing. Therefore, the first step in writing should be to note down any interesting anecdotes, scenarios or examples to use as material.

Notify me of new posts by email. Fear of change kept me on an unfulfilling path where as courage, along with family support, freed me to pursue my dream. Opening Sentence Your opening sentence can simultaneously set the theme of your essay and engage the reader. Your goal when writing this personal statement is to get the admissions officers to put you into the yes pile.


Instead, choose the most relevant and engaging experiences and focus on those. This may provide you with good material and you can edit it later. Clarity in your writing will reflect good communication skills.

vmcas personal statement sample

Admission committees look for applicants who capture the compassion as well as the passion for the field to which they wish to apply. The deadline for the VMCAS application is October 1; however, you should plan to submit your application as soon as possible. You aren’t in this alone!

The personal statement is your primary opportunity to distinguish yourself from the thousands of other applicants. Once you get some solid ideas and even a full rough draft done you can go to the writing center at you college or have your advisor look over it. State a fact that is relevant to the topic of your essay i. prrsonal

Personal Statement

Experience has taught me that some things change and others do not, while that which remains the same defines us, drives us, and makes us who we are. It may be appropriate to simply begin with the action of the story in media res as they say and then move on to discussing how that story ties into the points you will be making throughout the rest of the essay.

I also value community service on a global scale.

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