On 6 March the head clerk Subramanya Pillai met Chidambaram and said that the management was ready to concede their demands. So, Tamilspider is bringing Independence day India wishes in tamil words. Vallinayagan Olaganathan Chidambaram 5 September — 18 November , popularly known by his initials, V. However, despite his impecunious situation, he reassured Gandhi: Nationalism is or ought to be not merely a political creed but a religious aspiration and a moral attitude. Chidambaram did not receive the money. Comments No responses found.

All honour to Chidambaram Pillai for having shown us the first complete example of an Aryan reborn, and all honour to Madras which has produced such a man. A true feeling of comradeship is the salt of political life; it binds men together and is the cement of all associated action. He worked as a Bank manager for a while before he moved to Madras in with his wife and children. His tussle with the judge forced him to seek fresh pastures at Tuticorin in Yet, until his death in , he continued to be active in the labour movement, the national movement and the non Brahmin movement. The British always fear of V. Chidambaram in Tamil with his own hand.

Before beginning his chivambaram studies, he worked for a brief period as the taluk office clerk. The British company went further by offering a free trip to the passengers with a free umbrella; however, nationalist sentiment meant that the free service was underused.

He died without selling his soul. Funds were raised for his defence not only in India but also by the Tamils in South Africa. Dheeran Chinnamalai – A Great freedom fighter from Tamilnadu Dheeran chinnamalai – a brave Indian freedom fighters from Tamilnadu.

V. O. Chidambaram Pillai

On 12 March, he was arrested on charges of sedition and for two days, Tirunelveli chidamvaram Tuticorin witnessed unprecedented violence, quelled only by the stationing of a punitive police force.


Write detailed comment, relevant to the topic. C started working in the Ottapidaram district administrative office after the end of his school education.

He had run his ship on the concession basis in the view to help poor Indian people which actually a challenging for the British.

V O Chimdambaram pillai, one of the freedom fighters of Tamilnadu.

Chidambaram Pillai – Freedom Fighters V. In one instance Gandhi wrote a postcard to V. Appreciating these efforts of VOC, Bharathi wrote in “India” that the country was as happy as a mother who had just delivered two children alluding the ships. Meanwhile, VOC brought together leading commercial figures from Tirunelveli, Madurai and other centres in Tamil Nadu in order to place the Swadeshi shipping company on a firmer footing. Chidaambaram travelled to Bombay to buy two ships with the funds raised.

He also seems to have been studious, graduating with a B. When he stepped out of prison in late Decemberafter a high court appeal had reduced his prison sentence, the huge crowds present on his arrest were conspicuously absent.

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What is there that we can do? Chidambaram Pillai wholeheartedly immersed himself into Swadeshi work to secure independence for Rssay. During this time, his wife, Meenakshi ammal, took care of all the appeals.

His efforts to widen the base of the Swadeshi movement, by mobilising the workers of the Coral Mills also managed by A.

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Chidamabaram wrote to a friend, “Rs. A correspondence which began at this juncture between VOC and Gandhi continued for about six months, which is our present concern. The family led an impoverished life so much so that he once wrote a letter to Periyar who was then a Congress leader requesting him to help his son find a police job so that the family could eat two meals a day.


January 24, at 9: Then, there was some effort to lease a ship from a company based in Ceylon, but that did not go on for long either and VOC insisted on buying own ships. His tussle with chidambwram judge forced him to seek fresh pastures ov Tuticorin in He was one of the earliest to start the ‘Dharmasangha Nesavuchalai’ for hand-loom industry and the ‘Swadeshi Stores’ for the sale of India made things to the people. Dropping the question of money VOC started off right away, “Your card written in Tamil reached me on the due date.

But now that Gandhi had made it clear that it was not so:.

vo chidambaram essay

But Gandhi would only say, “If you will kindly wait a while, you will have both the money and the particulars. The autobiography in Tamil verse which he started in prison was completed upon his release in The sentence that was imposed on him was not ‘simple imprisonment’.

This page was last edited chidambbaram 17 Mayat The term Gandhi Kanakku in Tamil meaning Gandhi’s accounting became prevailing because of this incident. After joining the Indian National Congress, V.

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