Blackhall, Laura Living with obesity: Parmar, Beena Working with black minority ethnic children and adults. Young, Helena Experiences of mental health professionals: Zarkadi, Theodora Eyewitness identification: Hacker, David Exploring the phenomenology of voices: Baggott, Eleanor Recovery from first-episode psychosis and the role for services beyond first-episode detection.

Bilgin, Ayten Infant regulatory problems: Spurling, Imogen The negative symptoms of psychosis: Blackhall, Laura Living with obesity: Rose, Nicola Intellectual disability and mental illness: Spink, Jenna-Lorin Exploring the role of social relationships for carers of people with dementia. Wilde, Damian Perfectionism in children and adults:

Testing two models of delivering and maintaining life skills training in a secondary school setting

Thompson, Patrick Douglas Phonetic symbolism for size, shape, and motion. Willson-Maunders, Helena Qualitative research into mothers’ experiences of receiving early intervention for their children’s difficulties.

Young, Helena Experiences of mental health professionals: Peckett, Helen Relationships and growth in families of children with developmental disabilities: To evaluate the feasibility of ddlinpsy peer delivered wellbeing intervention for pupils within a Scottish secondary school setting comparing peer-trained class facilitators and CBT-trained class facilitators.

Overall, those with lower initial wellbeing scores showed greater improvement than those with initial high wellbeing scores.


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Summerhill, Lisa Early intervention and toilet training: Brown, Suzanne Transgender experiences: Skip to warwlck Skip to navigation. Murray, Charmaine Testing two models of delivering and maintaining life skills training in a secondary school setting.

warwick dclinpsy thesis

Bailham, Dawn Bernadette Ruth Psychological trauma following childbirth. Wildig, Emma Katharine An exploration of reflective practice in the helping professions. Zupan, Zorana Control and development of time-based visual selection. McFadyen, Kenneth Marshall Unique experiences of being gay and being a gay father.

warwick dclinpsy thesis

Lenton, Rebecca Living with chronic illness: Boulton, Hayley The interaction between body posture and the performance of imagined arm movements. Marriott, Emma Using identity interruption theory to explain increased levels of psychological distress in deaf people with hearing identities. Kaur, Gurmeash Life changing diagnoses: Wilde, Damian Wagwick in children and adults: Cotes, Emma Jane Stress, burnout and the attitudes and experiences of mental health professionals working with clients who meet the criteria for a dclinpsg of personality disorder.

warwick dclinpsy thesis

Rogers, Andrew The use of gesture in exploring the borderlands of autism and specific language impairment: Class facilitators identified a number of benefits from participating in the programme. Sakaguchi, Hiroaki Psychology of financial decisions, using large transaction datesets. Burgess, Gary An exploration of the construct of psychopathy, its measurement and neuropsychological correlates. O’Flaherty, Robert Factors affecting psychological help-seeking in men. Cunningham, Anna Julie Age and schooling effects on the development of early literacy and related skills.


Gibbins, Heidi Type 1 diabetes in adolescence: Goodall, Annabel Coping with death and bereavement: Chappell, Sophie Friendship and intimate relationships in people on the autism spectrum. Wyer, Sarah Jane Increasing attendance at cardiac rehabilitation.

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Hacker, David Exploring the phenomenology of voices: Kronenburg, Jayne The experience of relationships for young people on the autism spectrum. Power, Kathryn Experiences of aggression and violence across dementia and adult acute psychiatric facilities.

Gonitzke, Markus Mechanisms of harmony and the ordering of word order: Simmonds, Sarah Obsessive rclinpsy disorder in children and young people:

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