Hence, the project status after is a major determinant in this decision. There are two types of gross margins that are of interest in these projections. The system has to be implemented over several processes across several countries, and therefore, customization might be required to integrate the system with every process. So, when that limit is achieved, revenue and gross margins growth become stagnant and there is no incremental cost reduction. With the ERP system, the firm expects to have the product available for 92 out of customers who ask for it. Moreover, as the plants do not have information of inventory at distributor level, they may not be able to replenish inventory in time, which leads to product unavailability. The cash flows related to this project would only occur beyond , if the company does not plan to abandon the project in favor of some other advanced system which might be available at that point in time.

However, be sure to keep pure companywide effects separate from individual Wave effects. To simplify analysis, suppose there is no residual value left after equipments life time come due. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. In particular, the case illustrates how to do a project evaluation based on cashflow analysis and NPV. Yet they may face certain other costs which they have not accounted for. Note that you need to forecast cash flows into So, the incorporation of cash flows beyond depends upon the accuracy with which these cash flows can be forecasted.

Whirlpool Europe Erp Case | Case Study Template

As mentioned earlier, the project would help the company to be more responsive to the demand through improved information flow which would significantly reduce the inventory as well as stock-out costs, hence increasing the profitability abalysis the company. It will be calculated based on data. The project aims to achieve this is multiple stages. One of the key success factors in such market is product casee.


That is, identify three other factors that you think are value drivers and perform a sensitivity analysis regarding these factors.

It is about how you come up with those numbers and how solid you can defend your calculations. Moreover, the project also seeks to increase gross margins by a certain percentage once the implementation is successfully completed. Once we know how much DSI is reduced and what the COGS is which can be calculated from Exhibit 3we can use the above formula to find ending inventory, which in turn allows us to find the implied net working capital reductions.

You can assume this is the data in as well.

Whirlpool Europe Erp Case

In your base case, assume the project ends at the end whirlool and that there is no salvage value. ERP offers system integration and smooth flow of consistent information across the entire supply chain, thus ensuring better and accurate demand forecast. To get the margin in dollar terms foryou then multiply this fraction with whatever the forecasted anaylsis in are for that particular wave.

Such benefits would further improve the company profitability and thus make a strong case in favor of ERP system. It is assumed the revenues and corresponding gross margins will remain stagnant in the status quo.

Thus, we choose to ignore it in tax calculation. To improve the operating effectiveness and efficiency, the top manager of Whirlpool had determined to introduce a Europw system and expected it would decrease the operating cost. DSI is an inverse measure of inventory turnover, and tells us how long inventory is stored before it is sold on average.

whirlpool europe npv analysis case study

Afterwards, the net cash flow begins to increase, reaches its maximum and observes a declining trend from there onward. Note, that unlike Exhibit 4, Exhibit 5 gives you the cumulative increase at that point. This accentuates the need for an integrated information system. A major concern is regarding the accuracy of the forecasts. Since the incremental revenues comes in the year soon after the Wave West implementationthe revenues for are taken as base year and are assumed to remain the same for There are two types of gross margins that are of interest in these projections.


It is also assumed that sales mix of units sold remains the same over the entire 9 years, which also means that per unit sales price remains unchanged. As the company is frequently coming up with improved products, it is difficult to predict the demand pattern of such innovations, thus making it difficult to forecast demand.

Please email me your report by class time 6 PM. The other expense savings in Exhibit 6 are for the firm as a whole and not by Wave.

Furthermore, it is assumed that any sales increase that comes from reducing returned orders is already incorporated in the incremental revenues.

whirlpool europe npv analysis case study

The percentages should be interpreted as the fraction of the total expected gain that is added any given year. Interpreting the Case Exhibits? The accounting principles require that depreciation expense is recognized with sales generation. Whirlpool Europe Erp Case. Other type of margins is earned on incremental revenues, which are current gross margins plus any incremental percentage margin that comes from ERP implementation.

At the same time, as products are being manufactured in 11 different countries and distributed through 12 distributors, the absence integrated information system does not allow the sales people to see inventory at plant or distributor level, thus creating difficulty in committing and meeting delivery dates.

In the long-term, it gets harder to predict the changes in both the internal and the external environment.

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