The process of personal interviews and news gathering still goes on but only as a sub-set of a much broader array of enterprise media production processes. If the current question is asked by the user with higher level, it is more likely to be a popular question. That is a rational and effective indicator of question popularity. Proceedings of the 4th international conference on Social computing, behavioral-cultural modeling and prediction. Post a Question Provide details on what you need help with along with a budget and time limit. And they contribute more than other features to see the Table 5. Answers exhibit the questions partially according to the question submission time.

Figure 4 shows the distribution of average question popularity on the number of answers by statistics. Figure 2 shows the distributions of average question popularity and question quantity on 23 categories. However, its response time equals to seconds which is in the boundary interval as shown in Figure 6. Hence, it is misclassified as a popular question, while its popularity is 0. This is because the newly asked questions may fail to accumulate the user reactions.

wnz media case study answers

For the -we can see that the feature contributes most, followed by the and features. Meanwhile, it can also promote the development of the community. An intranet site would benefit the company sthdy because it is specifically designed to fit the exact needs of a business.

Question Popularity Analysis and Prediction in Community Question Answering Services

To see the red boxes, we can conclude that the popularity of voluminous users is less than Here, the response time represents the interval between the question was submitted and the question was answered for the first time.


For CQA questions, we can caes their question social quality [10]the number of answers, the submitted time and the time they were responded for the first time.

However, modeling question popularity is a non-trivial task. Table 4 Experimental results of the casd popularity prediction. As we assumed, question popularity can be accumulated by time.

wnz media case study answers

Therefore, we design to explore the relation between question popularity and the number of answers. Each column msdia the performance changes in percentage by removing the corresponding feature. Moby Dick by Herman Stury. So understand that each business And users have different interests in different topics and domains. The five-year forecasts coming from its regional business units suggested that the future for business as usual was not too rosy either.

We then proposed a supervised machine learning approach to model the effective factors. This requires less work for WNZ because it does not require employees to physically process orders. The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript.

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Use an organization where you work or one in which you are familiar. Employing the MIS Integrative…. University of California Tutors.

To obtain the ground truth of the question popularity prediction task, we normalize the popularity of each question, which is indicated by the number of the user labeled interesting tags, by dividing the maximum popularity value around the whole training and studj data set. It reveals that popular questions can attract more answer attempts by users.


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This will enhance customer intimacy with the organization. The distribution of average question popularity on the user popularity. Figure 4 shows the average popularity of questions, which obtain less than 10 answers, is lower than Here, and represent the precision, recall, F-score and the Pearson correlation coefficient values respectively.

Based on a careful reading of the case answer the following questions and then complete the table below. Inspired by previous work on content quality estimation [2][23]we utilize question length to measure the question content quality.

Total number of questions Number of covering subcategories The range of question number in subcategories 1— The range of question popularity 2— Examine the process of strategic management.

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This consists of the hardware and system software used to support the applications mentioned previously but not the applications themselves. Table 3 shows the statistical information of our training and testing data set. After that, it continuously increases. Instead of directly estimatingwe employ a normalized variant of to derive the ajswers. We repeat the question popularity prediction experiments using AdaBoost.

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