Nice keep it up. Can you please add some details from the article you are referring to? In FXCop under myrules i am not able to see the rules techinical Dec 6: You are commenting using your WordPress. Tim Cooper k 32

When you analyze assemblies you analyze code.. Try specifying the full path to the assemblies when debugging. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Thanks all, now the problem has been solved. Automatically inherit a web page from a custom base class mahendra. Well Stylecop only works only for C i think.

March 29, at 5: FxCop is not about ‘code review’ at all Sadadevguru 4-Nov 1: Shivprasad koirala Jan 0: NET Stats K views 1. This field represents the accuracy percentage of the rule.

But does it matter finally it does gives us the output of the code quality.

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The tutorial above is pretty good. Rule resolutions are stored in the RuleMetadata. I think the article wording is wrong. Now the last thing. I am one of the developers of the tool. Use the following procedure to define the references to the two assemblies.


This information can also be determined by examining the trace messages emitted by FxCopCmd to the console. At this point we have verified that our rule functions as expected.

If you don’t believe me, then have a look at the IL of the following method using the ‘legendary’. The following rule metadata can be defined in the RuleMetadata file.

How To Write Custom FxCop Rules

Regards Shiv Footprints on the sand are not made by sitting at the shore. Rajesh KS Jan Try the following procedure. Writing custom rules in FxCop is very easy, in the beginning you will feel it bit complex since there are no much help available on web but once if you have written a rule you will be preety much confident that you can write any rule you desire.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: You can debug custom rules through FxCopCmd.


Create Custom FxCop Rules

We are providing this information because we get so many questions about how to do it. NET Internationalization explaining how to write custom rules but this was focused more on what it meant to the world of internationalization than all of the details of how to rupes rules. Can you please help?

writing custom rules for fxcop

If you use ‘ildasm Rule. You can watch my videos here.

writing custom rules for fxcop

Pro Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud: Nice keep it up. What am I doing wrong? If it isn’t, it isn’t life Home Need a post?

DeclaringType is ClassNode return this. To analyze the source code of a project, use MS StyleCop instead. Rule sets are a new way of configuring which rules should be run during analysis.

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