Our instructor waited a few minutes past the Answers in the Unit 1 case study examination should show clear evidence of critical analysis of source material and wellreasoned personal commentary, together with relevant examples to support the points made. Your accumulated passes will carry forward after being reviewed by the WSET. Speaking or writing of Unit 6, one thought I had was how radically different this exam was when compared to the essay part of the Fortified Wines exam. The Unit 2 covers Viticulture and Winemaking and is the first course offered and exam given. DO budget your time.

When I saw the three topics: I wanted to keep what I learned at the forefront of my brain so it was easy to recall, because believe me, at 45 I have amassed a lot of useless crap in there. There are even brands of non-alcoholic distilled drinks. There are two parts to Unit 1: I followed Winetravel on Instagram for quite awhile before realizing that she lived in Orange County where I was moving to and was originally from my beloved Washington state where I was moving from.

Unit 6 — Fortified Wines of the World What is it? Unlike Unit 2, the Unit 5 exam is not multiple choice.

Given how arguably prescriptive WSET is on most things, whether they agree with my reading of the questions remains to be seen.

We also tasted through 11 different sparkling wines in class.

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Unit 6 — Fortified Wines of the World. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The foundation of the entire wine industry; the biology of growing the grapes and the chemistry of turning them into wine. Candidates can do either of these at any time during the Diploma process.


Social media, exams and wine: Reflections on the WSET Diploma Unit 1 Case Study

Unit 4 — Spirits of the World What is it? The WSET Diploma is designed to give an incredibly solid understanding and knowledge of every major aspect of the wine industry and I have to say, thus far it has met this lofty goal.

wset diploma unit 1 case study

DO budget your time. Unit 1 — The Global Business of Wine. And, like much of what I do in life, would prefer to methodically and systematically go through my studies as opposed to frantically cramming it all in.

Our instructor waited a few minutes past the Class itself was one very intensive, very full day in early August. A few weeks prior to the exam I made a list of all the topics that I thought could be asked — everything from various pressing methods to Pol Roger to Chilean sparklers. They then have 30 days to research the subject, and come in and take a closed book exam, cxse specific questions asked relating to the subject.

Thoughts on: The WSET Diploma

fase Or more of a baked pear? It consists of a tasting portion and a theory portion. Explain the differences between the major styles of Rum from around the world. Exactly what it says on the tin; a comprehensive look at the world of spirits from both a production and industry point of view. Becoming a San Diego Chevalier. After finishing Unit 5 I asked myself — would I study any differently?


I want to find more enjoyable!

wset diploma unit 1 case study

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Today the WSET is the leader in wine education, with courses available in over 70 countries worldwide. So without further ado, wwset were my options, my thought process, and my decision Spoiler Alert: Which combination of root-stock types would you use for areas suffering from drought?

Unit 5 — In-Class Experience. Or the actual writing. However, Rosso di Montalcino is released earlier — so these wines are more fruit forward, diplomx and approachable than Brunello. At one point, my pencil lead broke four times and I just about lost my shit. Submit a Comment Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Any thoughts on this?

What is the future for the Tequila industry? Registration is a two part process.

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