Do I have GPA and grade requirements? Please review our Program Requirements and Deadlines list for specific information on where to send your documents. International students are citizens of or permanent residents of a country other than the United States or U. Back to Top What is a foreign credential evaluation? You can view all program admission requirements and deadlines online.

What is a foreign credential evaluation? Vizzini also gave clever tips on how teachers can save time while giving constructive feedback to a multitude of students. Pjesky back to present on the very important topic of how to survive your thesis and get it completed. If you are interested in research, then you will probably have to submit your proposal to them for approval. What makes a good teacher good?

Watch the Graduate Student Research presentation.

Theses & Dissertations

Each graduate program has a specific program advisor assigned. September 12, – PSD: Tips and Strategies presentation. What are the deadlines to apply to Graduate School? Then, in keeping with the Halloween spirit, we discussed the recent developments in zombie television!

We were pleased to welcome Mr. McCormick from WT’s Writing Center to discuss what their office can do specifically for our graduate students who are on a thesis tract but also for other grad and undergrad student’s writing projects. May 1 December graduation: Below you will find a very handy list of those links:.

wtamu thesis guidelines

If you guodelines a non-degree seeking student, please contact the Graduate School for assistance in determining a program advisor.


Jessica and her husband, James, showed off pics of their new baby super cute! Klaehn explains that the first step formatting the written thesis is often intimidating and where many students may falter in the process, then he shows us some amazing tricks to create a document that matches the thesis guideline requirements. Some were happy with their selection, some not so much. Skip to Main Content.

West Texas A&M University

Attaining research funding is a complex process, but through the efforts of Hanover group and WT staff — Kaaren, Dona, Steve, Glenda, and Heather — getting your projects paid for is within your reach. In addition, attendees were provided with quick and very helpful tips for getting Microsoft Word to make proper formatting easier. After a few discussions, we decided that dinners were the best way for the cohort to connect, so this month we held our cohort meeting at Guidelinez on Georgia St.

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It was a wonderful evening of great company and conversation. To get all of the details from this very helpful presentation and to virtually meet the fantastic Director Skinner, Watch The Hidden Job Market video.

Back to Top Am I a domestic student or an international student? Andersen gave us handouts, but don’t fret, the information can be found in Nilson’s book Teaching at its Best: How do I apply for graduation? Any transcript provided by the student, unless sealed in the original envelope, will be considered unofficial.


The Director of Student Counseling Services spoke with us about dealing with the stresses many of us experience as we make our way through grad school and life in general. Alyssa and Dashia joined us wtamy part of this all-day event. Many of our graduate programs do not require the GRE.

It contains over 43 million records describing library holdings.

Do you want to teach at a university? MyPlan more information below is an excellent first step in getting to know you and your matching careers. We also discussed the prospect of attending future psychology conferences and reminisced about past conferences that we had attended, caught up on life events, updated each other on our new-found research interests, and debated the origin of communication as possibly based on gender-need.

wtamu thesis guidelines

When will I receive my diploma? For additional program requirements, please see our Program Requirements and Deadlines.

They have a duty to uphold, but they are not as scary as some may think.

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