King Yertle, the king of Sala-Ma-Sond, fell from the top of the turtle hill and into the mud, while Hitler ended up comitting suicide because his empire was falling. The group noticed that, while Mack posed royally on the throne, the other turtles remained in the mud. One such group was the White Rose. An modern analysis of Yertle the Turtle. Posted by Lit Class Seuss Project at 8:

In the last page of the book, the group identified a picture which showed Yertle’s kingdom, returning to its once peaceful state. Posted by The Turtle King at 9: Seuss to end his tale. View my complete profile. As turtles and, maybe, all creatures should be. Seuss’ children’s book to modern day political situations.

With his message that even the most inconsequential could influence power, he was trying to force us into action.

Yertle the Turtle: A Study: The Essay

After his successful topple of the King Yertle, Mack becomes a figure of authority. Conquered countries were forced to provide Germany with cheap goods and their people were abducted and used as slave labourers, with Germany abducting a total of about twelve million people [USHMM].

yertle the turtle thesis

In writing a storybook about a dictatorship, Dr. Certainly, you remember their silly rhymes and their black pen cartoons.

Yertle the Turtle

View my complete profile. Friday, February 5, Essay. The other aspect of the cartoon includes Prachanda, wearing his decorative necklaces as Mack, striving for Yertle’s rock. The group was inspired to replace the faces of the characters in Yertle the Turtle with the individuals involved in the fall of the last Nepali monarchy.


This would show the shift in power in the situation. Although Geisel does not explicitly say it, the ways his illustrations and diction work cause us to view Yertle in a darker light, causing us to rejoice when he is quite literally deposed by the average turtle. It also requires a climate of fear — this was provided by the Nazi police, or the Gestapo. His greed and thirst for power lead the reader to believe that fascism is a horrible, malicious way to rule a state.

Everything in Sala-ma-Sond was fine “Until Yertle, the king of them all, decided the kingdom he ruled was too small,” writes Dr.

yertle the turtle thesis

The agonized yurtle rolls onto its back, and its death represents the end of the world PEN. Similarly, Yertle manages to instill a fear in the turtles of his pond, intimidating them with his position of power as the Turtle King and forcing them to stack themselves yerttle him although not with the radical methods Hitler teh loved like concentration camps and police brutality, as this is a children’s story.

The turtle’s mythological association with the marvels of heaven, and the horrors of hell PENG mirrors this, as their reputations are altered to less flattering perspectives when their intentions are exposed for as the horrors they are.

Theodor Seuss Geisel, more commonly known as Dr. The cohesiveness necessary to take action cannot be made without a driving force. Seuss to end his tale.

We do need leaders as a focus of power.

Posted by Lit Class Seuss Project at 2: In many cultures, the turtle is depicted as carrying the world on its back Peng. The last King of Nepal’s famous quote, “I will not be a silent King,” is also included.


The posting of this essay was slightly delayed, but here it is, in all its glory. Yertle’s calling more turtles was parallel to Gyanendra’s abolition of the elected government in That is the problem that Seuss attempts to bring to our attention: Germany was eventually liberated from Hitler, like Yertle was eventually cast down into the mud.

Posted by Lit Class Seuss Project at 9: The cartoon has also been drawn.

Leaders are a focal point for power but it is we who supply it in the first place, by supporting them. They appear absurdly simple. Mack the bottom turtle complains many times during the time that Yertle is in power, mirroring the plight of the German people.

Yertle the Turtle

Ultimately, this benefitted him more than the people he was meant to work for. We should be, and are totally able to be, more forceful in influencing how our collective power is used. Some new paragraphs were added today, many posessing a more abstract relationship to the thesis, including a paragraph on the necessity of leaders as a focus of the power of a collective.

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