A doctoral supervisory committee consists of a minimum of four faculty members including the supervisor. All graduate student researchers must complete the TCPS tutorial to establish that they have completed the necessary education component and attach their certificate of completion to their protocols. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. September 7, The Ph. Procedures, Guidelines, and Timelines Updated Nov.

To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policy , including cookie policy. PhD candidates are required to submit the dissertation proposal, approved by the supervisory committee, within FOUR months of receiving notification that they have successfully completed the Comprehensive Examinations. Faculty members who are appointed to more than one graduate program may act as the outside member of a supervisory or examining committee if they have not designated that Program as their primary affiliation. All research involving human participants for graduate courses and Graduate Major Research Papers MRPs that is non-funded and minimal-risk must be reviewed by the relevant unit level Delegated Ethics Review Committee. Delegated Research Ethics Review Committees for research conducted in courses and for MRPs must be composed of a minimum of two faculty members who are in an arm’s length position in relation to the research. You have been accepted to the graduate program at UBC, a university that ranks 22 nd in the world because we believe that More information.

If such is not the case, then the student must indicate in a signed, written statement what part of the thesis or dissertation is solely his or her own or co-authored. Students hold copyright to their theses and dissertations, regardless of the method of submission. The verification in writing should be forwarded to the Chair of the Examining Committee and a copy should be provided to the student so that it will accompany the final paper copies submitted for binding.


The research embodied in the thesis should make some original contribution to knowledge in the field. If you would like to confirm permission in writing, you can do so by signing and completing the information below and returning this signed and completed letter in the enclosed self-addressed stamped envelope by [date].

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Chapter 9 Doctoral Programs Contents A. Changes adopted by the Executive More information. All theses and dissertations must contain a written component. A doctoral supervisory committee consists of a minimum of four faculty members including the supervisor.

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. The Principal Investigator researcher of any research project involving human participants:.

york fgs thesis guidelines

We reserve the right to make changes with notification. A Guide for Ph. York students who have not submitted an theesis proposal will thwsis be permitted to register for the next term until they have done so this may mean they incur a late fee or may be withdrawn from the university.

Reports to the Graduate Program Director of unsatisfactory progress may require candidates to withdraw from the Graduate Program in which they are enrolled; and C.

york fgs thesis guidelines

guidelknes Start display at page:. Master’s thesis and doctoral dissertation proposal submission deadlines are as follows: Where delegated reviewers decide that a protocol should not be approved, the protocol will be referred to the HPRC for full board review.

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Methods and Sources 4. Students select at time of application the option to which yprk would like to be admitted. Following approval of the proposal by the supervisory committee, students must submit one or more copies of the proposal to the graduate program director.

Master’s Part-time Students – proposals must be approved before the end of FIFTH term A student s 1 st term of registration is in the Fall term, the proposal submission deadline is April 30 of the second year or six months prior to intended completion. Ryerson students will not be permitted to register in courses or in the program but will have to pay the program fee and any interest. Graduate guidekines undertaking research for graduate courses, major research papers, theses, or dissertations involving human participants are required to follow the appropriate procedures and obtain ethics approval before conducting research activities.


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Students should consult their program for more details. In practice, students should submit the approved proposal prior to advising for registration. This manual should More information. This protection expires 50 years after the death of the originator, regardless of who holds copyright at that time.

German Graduate Program Ph. For these types of research, students are required to complete HPRC form.

york fgs thesis guidelines

The Professional Development Seminar More information. In such cases, retain a copy of that policy statement as evidence of documented permission. Please carefully review the procedures that are relevant to your project, and ensure that you complete and submit all of the required documents along with your research proposal to your graduate program.

The Senate Policy states that all University-based research involving human participants, whether funded or non-funded, faculty or student, scholarly, commercial or consultative, is subject to the ethics review process.

This manual summarizes the relevant rules and regulations of graduate studies in Qatar University.

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