York University moves to Electronic Thesis and Dissertation submission The Faculty of Graduate Studies and York University Libraries announce that beginning September 30, , graduate students will be able to submit the final approved copies of their thesis or dissertation electronically using the new Electronic Thesis and Dissertation ETD platform. In order to truly understand and learn the APA style of writing you should look at and perhaps even purchase a copy of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association because it will be a good reference book for graduate school. If so, the Specialized Honours Psychology Program may be a good fit for you. The workshop will cover: How do I enrol?

The course requirements in the Specialized Honours program provides additional research skills that can be extremely useful when conducting a thesis, and for this reason in the new program students will need to be in the Specialized Honours program in order to complete a thesis. Throughout the program you are mentored in the process of preparing for and then applying to graduate programs in psychology. We currently have copies of all Independent Honours undergraduate psychology theses for the last 10 years. Please contact Adam Taves, Psychology Librarian, taves yorku. Intermediate Statistics Laboratory , and Psychology

Once you have a thesis supervisor, you should: Rich Poster day event coordinator. To get help with writing in general see the etutoring or workshops available through the writing department located at s Ross Building.

Advanced search techniques for major databases thesie as PsycInfo and Medline Major reference sources for psychology Citation searching using Web of Science and other tools Identifying and locating psychological tests Organizing your research materials with bibliographic management tools, such as RefWorks and Psycholoty It will be hands-on in a computer lab and you are encouraged to ask questions.


Note that if your thesis is outstanding you should consider submitting it to the Yale Review of Undergraduate Research in Psychology.

If you joined our department prior toyou will typically follow the Previous Degree Requirement as of Fall ; Major credits only. Thexis purpose of the award is to cover expenses incurred by students in carrying out their Honours thesis research.

There is succinct information on APA style punctuationinformation about the main sections of a manuscriptan APA Style and formatting guide updated with 6th edition APA manual information at the OWL website which describes general APA writing guidelines and where if you look under Research and Citation you can find the most up to date way for citing your sources.

You are encouraged to submit and present your research findings. Admission to this program is by permission of the department. Credits outside the major: It will be hands-on in a computer lab and you are encouraged to ask questions. Depending on the circumstances you may or may not be re-instated if your GPA reaches 7. Would you like to impress your professor with a solid literature review?

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Will I gain research experience through the Specialized Psychooogy Program? Jill Rich Poster day Coordinator. These vary in length, but most undergraduate theses are around 30 pages.

yorku psychology honours thesis

Please see the academic calendar for more information. Does doing all the above more efficiently and with less frustration sound appealing? The video below provides more information about our program. The information from the APA manual has been summarized in a writing handout based on the 6th edition APA manual that also describes some useful information for writing your thesis.


In addition, there are a number of online resources available to you to help you to write your thesis following APA formatting and style as outlined in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association We currently have copies of all Independent Honours undergraduate psychology theses for the last 10 years.

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How do I enrol? A thesis is a research project that you complete under the direct supervisor of a professor.

Deadline for submissions are usually around mid April. Additionally, graduates will have demonstrated an appreciation honousr alternative methods used in psychological inquiry and will be able to synthesize potentially conflicting results and communicate these ideas to the general public.

This research training will culminate in the completion of a thesis supervised by a faculty member. Therefore, the ultimate authority is the APA pubication manual.

yorku psychology honours thesis

First, although there are required lectures they are not help every week. The information provided below is provided for students considering an Honours Thesis in or through the Honours Program.

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How to Sign Up: Students honous the Specialized Honours program will follow the new program requirements. The workshop will cover:. Maintain an overall cumulative grade point average of at least 7. The topic of the thesis is often decided on in close collaboration with your thesis supervisor. Required science credits outside the major:

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