Gud day Fellas, if youhave idea on how the online training would look like, please share with, no information is waste But how many people do dey want to empower? Nairaland Forum Welcome, Guest: I wish you best of luck and once you launch, let us know the brand name and how to buy from you. Another profitable industry to consider is the food processing industry. I have worked in this sector for over 15 years and can tell you categorically that this is the next oil mine in Nigeria.

But d Nigeria then was good enough for him to move on successfully Adulphus: The finished product is always beautiful. To the people not selected myself inclusive , one of the major criteria used to drop them is the source of their raw materials. These guys are not your friend and won’t mind stifling you out. Both programs treated the same course topics on business courses. Marketing is now a science and demands careful observation and analysis.

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This Youwin connect there is no where they stated they gonna give grant even to the eventual 5, they will pick. Your business operates in one of the following countries: Maro Ideh September 30, at 1: Dayspring November 26, at We’ve seen it all, from yesp to other time wasting programmes, its youwkn propaganda upon propaganda.

youwin business plan competition nairaland

Masterclass Training Accelerator Phase II 5, successful participants will youwih tailored industry specific Masterclass face to face training which is categorised based on cluster and held in various cluster hubs across the country. The overall aim of YouWiN!


It’s been lively so far and no mention of grants. Applicants must be able nairalsnd communicate effectively — speaking and writing — in English.


Grace Frank November 29, compehition This is good initiative, God will continually give our leader wisdom and understanding to lead us alright. Alex February 4, at 1: Uncle Joe January 23, at Applicants must be willing to attend all trainings and mentoring exercises organized by the programme.

youwin business plan competition nairaland

But even if it’s the k per participant, let us just have something to work with atheist motivate us. Me and my fellow youths will forever remain good ambassadors of our great nation. Jonathan’s program where based on seed funding grant after successfully passing through stage 1 concept idea submission ,stage 2 in which physical training was carried out in the 6 geopolitical zones followed by online submission and lastly was oral physical defense stage 3 to ensure season quality applicants were selected and also to checkmate impersonation among the winners while Buhari’s YouWin connect was only stage 1 concept idea submission and stage 2 online training and online submission of which they will link the trainees to fund manager inform of equity contribution NOT GRANT or LOAN.

Five 5 days in-class Entrepreneurship and Business Management training. How do we start? Do you know that Federal Government under Jonathan administration and world bank contributed these grant provided from for 3years MOU signed With swiss bank in Geneva.

Connect has also set up an advisory board comprising experts in different areas of business and entrepreneurship, who would answer questions from members of the public weekly.

youwin business plan competition nairaland

Edith Ezenwosu December 4, at 9: Uncle Joe January 23, at 1: For those that have experience on that, please explain to us. Youwin Connect Business Competition by Calyb m: Guy wake up from your deep dream That was during the era of the truthful and fair-minded President GEJ who brought much progress to Nigeria and Nigerian entrepreneurs. Stakeholders Want Standard Enforcement Body They opens a small laboratory, bought a car and the rest of the cash was swept down.


Please extend the date a little more to enable more youths participate.

Dayspring November 25, at Its gonna be coming in form of a loan with stiffer prerequisite Contact me for your website design. Thank busienss so much Mr President heaven knows that you have tried. Find addresses, telephones, contacts and locations. Imagine the rep that came from FMF who doesn’t even know its left from its right saying a different thing here in Port Harcourt.

The first round of the competition was competiyion in with successful businesses. Thank you mr president for this great opportunity to grow nigeria economy through the nigerian youths,though i’m 1yr above the targeted year,but i’m happy this is happening,just hoping our eligible youths will take advantage of this to help theirselives and others,thank you sir.

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