Bridgette wants to make 14 matching hair bows for her friends. I dont know why the product of a positive and negative integer is negative or the product of a negative and negative integer is positive. Indicate if your estimate is larger or smaller than the exact answer. Use a model to solve each of the following multi-step problems. Online Algebra Tiles Warm-Up: How much does he have now? Students will learn that the set of all possible outcomes for an experiment is a sample space.

Valley at an elevation of feet below sea level. There are 18 apple trees in my orchard. A few months later. In elementary school you modeled multiplication in several ways: In other words, in general, a b b a and a b c a b c.

Rules ohmework Structure for Division of Integers, 2. More Subtraction with Integers For example, students will be able to use a model to explain why the product of two negative integers is positive. How could you use related multiplication problems to find each quotient?

Math A Homework Semester 1 – Mrs. Coulter’s Webpage

How many gummy bears does she now have? Probability and Fair Games HW: What do you think would be the additive inverse of 3? Students will model these types of products on the real line. I can explain with models and words and with words alone why the product of a positive and negative integer is negative or the product of a negative and negative integer is positive.


Math A Honors Semester 1 Homework – Mrs. Coulter’s Webpage

What do you think the Identity Property for Multiplication should mean? In connecting the way arithmetic works with integers to working with algebraic expressions, students name and formalize the properties of arithmetic. Extra Credit Due Today! How did you locate peobability on the number line? Use a model to solve each problem.

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How much money does she owe? Matching and Writing Expressions for Stories pdf.

How much does he owe now? Every morning, Betsy walks to Allysons house and they walk together to school.

1.1b homework probability

Transition to Numeric Expressions, Get quiz signed. Recognize that different forms of an expression may reveal different attributes of the context. Operations with Rational Numbers pdf. Given the theoretical probabilities of homeework chance event, predict the approximate frequencies for a given number of trials in an experiment of the event.


Model each of the following with both a number line and chips. Larry has a piece of rope thats 12 feet long. Probability and Fair Games HW: Below are the first three steps of a pattern; on the next page we will 11.1b steps 10 and x.

More Algebra Tile Exploration Notes: How far apart do they live? Race to the Top HW: Looking for some extra practice before the quiz?

1.1b homework probability

Do you think the multiplication game will be fairdo odd and even have the same chance at winning? Express each of the following probabilities as a fraction, decimal and percent. You want the theoretical probability of drawing a red marble to be! This section will rely heavily on the use of models to solve equations, but students are encouraged to move to abstract representation when they are ready and fluent with the concrete models.

How much will Dylan have to pay for all the donuts?

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