The smart innovation studio at BCIT provided state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities and allowed students to appreciate the video and power point presentations. A very valuable experience for me as this is another way to be creative and to showcase material in the class. If there are learning aids which require perfection i. Showing a video clip and asking students to group themselves in discussion teams as experts of an assigned learning strategy animated the activity. Amazingly enough it actually turned out way better than I had expected so I decided to submit it along with the lesson plan. For the Listening class, 1.

A Problem to be resolved Input: We did this exercise out of class and learned what a difference an environment can be on a learning setting. I have learned about how my actions affect the students and the value of relationships. Posted by Unknown at I created a digital project using a newly learned engagement strategy — mind mapping- as a video guide for finding the perfect job which could be used in the program. I wanted to weave all these into their discussions of sustainability, the economy, international development, collaboration and technology.

The mini lessons where so much fun and I learned that short and simple is the way to go. Amazingly enough it actually turned out way better than I had expected so I decided to submit it along with the lesson plan. Foundations of Adult Education – taking next and is my last course before the capstone.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Posted by Unknown at You are commenting using your WordPress. The value of having outcomes, material and assessment aligned. The PIDP courses have allowed me a chance to explore what teaching iswhat it means to me, and who I want to become as teacher.


I have appreciated the feedback from instructors and feel that they want me to succeed. Reflection on the lesson.

Capstone Project (PIDP 3270)

Discussing the answers to the quiz served as a summary review of the lesson. I enjoyed doing assignment 4 and capsyone shared some of this assignment here in my blog.

3270 capstone project

If it doesn’t work learn from it and make the correct changes. You are commenting using your Facebook account. I have learned about how my actions affect the students and the value of relationships.

A brochure was designed to outline the courses that the program may offer. However, it did not dampen the spirits of the volunteers and discouraged the other students because it was a timely segue to asking students if they perceived any problem in the activity.

I also found the experience capstoje because in our program we ask the students to create video projects and this allowed me to trouble shoot and to show students projetc example of my creativity.

ABC’s of Medical Radiation TechnoloG: My thoughts on the PIDP courses

For the Listening class, there was a technical glitch when the uploaded video clip did not match its audio. You are commenting using your Google account. That was the most fun for me. Lesson plan for digitally recorded lesson.

3270 capstone project

It connected previous lesson to defined learning objectives. I loved the digital video project and found this very challenging and rewarding. Students were more inquisitive during and after the group dynamics. For the Listening class, 1.


PIDP Capstone Chronicle of Learning | pidpchronicles

Learning how to do a needs cspstone to help determine what the course should include. Teaching is definitely more work then I could have imagined. My first teaching demonstration was a Reading course last 20 March which was video documented. Mind Mapping and Problem Solving as Tools.

PIDP 3270 – Capstone

Leny Sanchez, prokect the Skills Connect Program to seek out universities and colleges for a teaching opportunity. I have learned again the value of relationships and the trust and authenticity that must be built to have a positive learning environment.

I initially offered a lesson on race, class, and gender. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I looked at it as a great place to store ideas and to reflect.

3270 capstone project

I also leaned valuable skills in how to write a test item, not called a question and to organize an exam properly. At the inception of the Capstone project which evolved from PIDP to PIDPI wanted to focus on designing a strategic labour market integration program for Philippine professional immigrants and skilled workers.

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