Recommended Books from Amazon. Osteopathic Medical College Information Book. Federal Funding Opportunities and Resources. Society of Osteopathic Medical Educators. Overview of Osteopathic Medicine. Tuition, Fees, and Financial Aid.

You should enter any courses that you are currently taking or plan to take in the near future. Glossary of Osteopathic Terminology. Osteopathic Medical College Information Book. About the Residents and Fellows Council. Council of Development of Alumni Relations Professionals. If you’re unsure, make your best guess.

Recommended Books from Amazon. Enter the credits exactly as they appear on your transcript. Your programs will see the list of classes you took, along with a copy of the official narrative transcript that you submit.

Undergraduate Timeline for Fkture Students. Overview of Osteopathic Medical Education and Accreditation.

AACOMAS Application Instructions and FAQs

If there is no conversion on the back of your transcript, contact your registrar’s office to determine coufsework conversion ratio. Society for Osteopathic Medical Educators. About the Residents and Fellows Council.


Optimizing Patient-focused Health Care. Be sure to only select courses that are clearly identified as test credits on your transcript. The Difference Between U. Programs and Funding Opportunities.

aacomas future coursework

Don’t list courses under the school in which the credits were transferred. Council on Student Aacmoas. You must complete Transcript Review before you can add prerequisites in the Program Materials section.

Apps, Advice and Resources. Financial Aid and Scholarships.

aacomas future coursework

Note that earning Latin honors upon graduation does not mean your courses are retroactively considered “Honors. Osteopathic Core Competencies for Medical Students. Faculty Development for Programs with Osteopathic Recognition.

What is a DO? National Academy of Osteopathic Medical Educators. Applies to undergraduate level courses taken after your first bachelor’s degree is earned.

Updating Your AACOMAS Application/Academic Update

Council of Osteopathic Librarians. This change applies to students matriculating into the academic year. Options are based on the time spans you selected in the Colleges Attended section. Certificate or Degree Programs in Medical Education. Indicate if you took any honors courses, which are generally college or university courses taken at an honors level.


Updating Your AACOMAS Application/Academic Update – Liaison

Suggested Sources for More Information. Osteopathic Medical Education Wellness Initiatives.

aacomas future coursework

Student Researcher of the Year. Aacmoas Medical Student Profiles. The Difference Between U. Non-traditional students should label their terms as evenly as possible in chronological order.

Best Evidence Medical Education. Once you complete in-progress courses, you can update them in the application. If your course credits are mostly in “3.

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