United States Agency for International Development, n. Students may be attending a public, private, or parochial school. Council on Foreign Relations, n. One Laptop per Child, n. To glean how in need a household is, the only viable socioeconomic index is ownership and access to assets such as livestock, cooking implements, and running water. This is something that we, as the State Department, could easily rectify with relatively little capital spent on our end.

Previous first-place winners and immediate relatives of directors or staff of the AFSA and Semester at Sea are not eligible to participate. Thank you for your submission. Ideas Worth Spreading, Mar. We appreciate your willingness to contribute. Government agencies have often mobilized mothers for microfinance projects to kick-start small-scale entrepreneurship. With simple arithmetic, we can derive that the grant could get either 8,, clicks, or 3,,, views.

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When household welfare increases and families can rise from poverty, their members are less likely to resort to joining the Taliban to support themselves financially. United States Agency for International Development. In alone, security threats caused almost ten percent of schools in Afghanistan—which provided education forstudents—to shut down.

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In the first half ofTaliban forces caused the deaths of 4, Afghan security personnel and wounded 8, in addition to causing 1, civilian casualties and 3, injuries. A study of Bangladeshi micro-credit programs reports that household consumption was proportionally sixty-four percent higher when women were the participants than when men were Pitt and Khandker This would require only a modest increase of expenditures on the part of the State Department; we will simply be making current microfinance institutions more effective.


Thus, we have both affsa moral and fssay duty to promote Afghan peace by weakening the Taliban. Cable News Network, 9 Oct.

afsa essay contest 2015

Three Cups of Tea: To determine the criteria for asset assessment we could assemble a think-tank of economists, microfinance specialists, and business start-up wssay with MBAs.

With simple arithmetic, we can derive that the grant could get either 8, clicks, or 3,, views. World Development Report Month of Microfinance, 17 Apr.

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This will ensure that microfinance charities are equipped to grant microfinance loans to Hondurans once they have the data from our house visits. With the monumental reach of these websites, Facebook is an ideal method to spread word of contet loan charities.

These threats disproportionately target women, thus greatly deterring girls from pursuing an education. It must be ensured that these loans go neither to those who, sadly, are in too desperate circumstances to succeed, nor, worse, to the very criminals who make Honduras so deplorable. This also allows us to identify and exclude those unsuitable for loans, as those in too desperate of a position to take loans to start businesses would have been forced to sell these assets beforehand.

This problem will arise when they are distributed ineffectively.


afsa essay contest 2015

Thus, our chief strategy will be to disseminate educational technologies—rather than solely build schools—so that women can flexibly adapt their educational schedules to regional conditions. Generally, women who have higher incomes spend them on their families. One Laptop per Child, n.

Evidence for the World’s Best Investment. The key to this working is for the public to take notice of how effective microfinance charities are in term of mitigating poverty and why one should donate to them. Filling the Afghan Security Gap: Mitigation of Crime in Honduras: To build sustainable peace, we must do more than address the afda of the conflict: This is something that we, as the State Department, could easily rectify with relatively little capital spent on our end.

afsa essay contest 2015

From time to time, microfinance loans will not pan out. By Sperling, Gene B.

The best approach for the U. In addition, an interconnected online network among women will facilitate the reporting of security threats, thus enabling National Security Forces to respond more quickly.

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You may be signed up to receive updates or information from AFSA and our partners. The key to curtailing this cesspool of crime is economic development. If you are a boy born in Honduras, you have a one in nine chance of being contedt.

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