Your email address will not be published. This is due to the higher property tax that comes along with the heightened property value. Doctors from the University of California have conducted research to see how the built environment can affect physical activity. This source is extremely detailed in its explanations of racial segregation and inequality. This article breaks down the causes and effects of the raised housing costs in the San Francisco Bay Area. Although this article is more biased towards defending the Mission district, it provides some insightful opinions information from someone on the inside of the Mission. The new residents are usually younger white middle class individuals.

Pushed out of House and Home — The article will be helpful in my research because it will give a political view on gentrification and its effect on the African American neighborhood. For example, because structural segregation leads to social problems it brings down the morale and values that are necessary for success, and now these neighborhoods are lacking good work ethic and formal education that in turn creates and endless cycle of poverty. The findings of the study show that based on geographic location, there is a difference in occupational discrimination. Andrew Stokols firmly holds the view that gentrification is destructive to society. This article ties into the built environment because it shows examples from all over the United States and not just one city. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here

This article provides great support for how residential segregation and architecture work together. In bibloography, the find that gentrification decrease turnout among longstanding residents. She goes into talking about the affordability crisis going on and the affect it is having on natives who have lived in the community for years.

It shows the direct correlation between health issues like diabetes and asthma to those in gentrified areas. The goal is to try and see if there is a pattern among states.


Annotated Works Cited: Gentrification – IDP Your Way To Success

And with more money, the city can spend more money on its citizens. This source uses a map to visually display this problem and allow the reader to make their own observation regarding the displayed information.

You are commenting using your Google account. Retrieved July 3,from http: The authors generally want to test the theorgia of mobilization and destabilization. This article is highly opinionated, rooted in out of context quotes and I statements. Within this article Lance Freeman describes the numerous controversies regarding gentrification, specifically in the bay area.

This blog by Maria Poblet on the website of an organization called Causa Justa, Just Cause, gives answers to who the Mission district is up against and annotsted will help the Mission district natives. Blue dots represent white people, African-Americans are shown with green, Asians are shown with red, Latinos are orange, and all other races are shown with brown.

Annotated Bibliography- Final Draft

You are commenting using your Twitter account. This article ended up making me realize that my focus was wrong and it is the government we should focus on for change. Andrew Stokols firmly holds the view that gentrification is destructive to society.

annotated bibliography gentrification

Your email address will not be published. This piece exposes the bay area for the truly unfordable gebtrification that it is. The Act was supposed to encourage fairness but was not taken seriously by lawmakers and was, in fact, causing more disparities between communities of lower income versus those with higher income.

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Annotated Bibliography- Final Draft – The Built Environment: Atlanta

The biggest is displacement, or the dislocation annitated the low income individuals. Despite this it has lots of credible sources embedded within it and it offers a challenging.


annotated bibliography gentrification

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here This relates to my blogs towards the end because after mentioning the gentrifixation and changes I end with solutions and enforcement on what needs to be done before all minorities are swept away.

This source gives the opposing side of all the benefits blacks in Atlanta have as well as some additional gentrificattion to show the oppression and segregation.

Annotated Works Cited: Gentrification

A changing Mission — The Story. You are commenting using your WordPress. They have historic housing, and the residents are getting older, so there are chances for redevelopments.

annotated bibliography gentrification

Notify me of new comments via email. This article is very credible, it is bibliograpy primarily in first person accounts of bay area residents, which is arguably the most authentic information available to a researcher of gentrification. Without the income, people are forced to live in more affordable areas that are filled with poverty inadequate school systems and limited transportation that do not allow people to better themselves.

He states that although there is a lot of eviction and people being forced out of their gentrificagion due to high prices, that in the long run there will be new affordable homes for those that were displaced. The model used for the voter turnout may not be completely helpful for today but based on when it was published, it was the best information available at that time.

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