At the start of the week we also studied the political life of Winston Churchill and learned that he led Britain to victory during World War II. They then collected the straws in the pot below. Engaging with Drummond is part of transition process for P6 and P7 as they approach high school age and allays some nerves for the P7s who have realised just how close they are to leaving primary school! Spotlight Dance Dance School. The results were amazing!

All orders will be filled before we break up on the 21st December. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Grammar — we are reinforcing how to use apostrophes in the correct way. Walls should be updated regularly inline with pupils learning. Our goal was to identify directions and landmarks using our listening and observation skills.

Homelink Letter 15 — 22nd March This is important for when we are older and are filling in job applications and writing essays in high school!

buckstone primary school p7 homework

Next Steps — we are going to type up our stories and use tea bags to give an antique effect. Our P4s wrote and recorded a song with Margaret and Christy and it was a fascinating process to watch. David Hood checked in to Buckstone Primary School.

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Stage sets the scene for many drama activities encouraging team work and confidence. Walls are pupil bucjstone and information should be relevant and useful.

buckstone primary school p7 homework

Download ppt “Buckstone Primary School September “. Making sure that our amount are realistic and that we have enough spending money.

Those 6 straws per day added up surprisingly quickly and we were all shocked by how many they had collected in such a small space of time, from so few children. The whole area was abuzz with bunting signalling which houses were open to showcase a variety of art. Numeracy We learnt about coding in order to practice and understand the caeser cipher wheel and morse code.


I enjoyed a piano recital by two of our P1s, a dramatic reading of Maisie of Morningside in tribute to Aileen Paterson who sadly passed away earlier this year by our drama group and finally came up to school for the finale on Sunday; a poem by one of our parents, acompanied by another parent on bagpipes, a dance performace by our P1 and P2 dance club and a reading of a play. There were a lot of tired but happy faces in the Nursery yesterday, but that was just the staff! We discussed how to fit more physical activity into our day, even small amounts.

These sessions will be held on Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th March from We found out how many possible options there are compared to how many chances there are.

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Remember to do your reading homework each week so that you can join in on these discussions. Refreshments were then served some even made by the children to end the occasion. We used a number of tasks to help us study this novel. Please find attached the current Homework Grid.

This week we wrote a letter pretending we were a WW2 evacuee writing to our family. We had to make sure our answers were detailed.


Buckstone Primary School September 2014

It might be a good time to have a spring clean! We wrote imaginatively newspaper articles, stories, diary entries about when Neville Chamberlain made his promary speech. We have been learning how to use our research notes to write evacuee letters, putting ourselves in the shoes of an evacuee during WWII.

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As part of this topic we have created Propaganda posters. Some examples of toys we would like are Books Action figures or Barbies Soft toys Cars Baby toys so you can buy them for younger brother and sisters Board games Loom bands Lego Cards Can you please make sure the toys are clean and good quality.

Posts about Buckstone Primary School. The skills we have been using are: Ian Inglis added a new photo — at Buckstone Primary School.

buckstone primary school p7 homework

We have learnt how to convert British money priamry foreign currencies and vice versa. Marcel Borzecki is at Buckstone Primary School. You can order your calendar directly from the Parent Council who will be taking orders in the playground every day next week, at the school office or online by clicking here. To book you will need: Homelink Letter 10 — 18th January

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