A Guide for Students and Teachers. Regulations for the Degree of Doctor of Science. University Officers reference from the Undergraduate Student handbook. Academic Honesty Honesty in Academic Work: Guidelines for Survey and Behavioural Research Ethics. The thesis shall be examined by a board of examiners nominated by the M.

By end of January , complete and submit Form TAS-1 to the Graduate School to declare intention to submit a thesis at least four months before actual submission. The candidature of a candidate who fails to submit the revised thesis within the stipulated period shall be terminated, unless special approval is granted by the Graduate Council upon the recommendation of the M. It may take a while if your source file is large. Nomination of Thesis Committee for research and taught doctoral students. Regulations for the Degree of Doctor of Medicine. Video on Academic Honesty. The External Examiner s have not accepted the invitation.

Sub-Committee at the time of application for admission.

File Organization and Format B. Protection of Personal Data Privacy. Code of Practice RPg. Two members, who are not members of the University, of the board of examiners shall be external examiners appointed by the University on the recommendation of the faculty board.


Either traditional Chinese submisson simplified Chinese is acceptable. After the title of the thesis has been approved, it may not be changed except with the approval of the Graduate Council. Students are on leave.

Guide to Submission | CUHK Digital Repository

A Guide for Students and Teachers. Acceptable file formats include the followings: Sub-Committee through the faculty board for approval by the Senate. Academic Honesty Honesty in Academic Work: If this is the case, you need to convert these separate files one by one into PDF files and then combine them into one large PDF file.

cuhk graduate school thesis submission

Replacement of Graduate Certificates. Code of Practice Taught Postgraduate Studies.

cuhk graduate school thesis submission

Save as provided grwduate paragraphs 10 and 11, the degree of Doctor of Literature, Doctor of Science, Doctor of Social Science, Doctor of Business Administration or Doctor of Medicine shall not be conferred upon any person unless. PDF Folder should contain: Replacement of Graduate Certificates.

General Information for Thesis Preparation and Submission. Regulations Governing Associate Students. Recommended File Naming Convention 1. Please note that No compression No Zip Files or password protection should be used on the source files. Registration How to Register?


For research postgraduate and taught doctoral students who wish to graduate inplease note the following: Code of Practice Taught Postgraduate Studies.

Cuh, Governing Associate Students.

Guide to Submission

Submission of thesis for graduage and taught doctoral students. Recommended File Naming Convention. The board of examiners may require the re-submission of a thesis with corrections or additional work. Code of Practice Taught Postgraduate Studies.

Please make sure that you have done the following on the PDF file:. After logging on, please select ‘Course Registration’.

cuhk graduate school thesis submission

Video on Academic Submizsion. Registration How to Register? Completion of all Programme requirements, including submission of thesis to the Graduate School for RPg students.

Student to return endorsed application to Graduate School one month before commencement of the next term.

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