Cyclone toll rises to 45, rescue ops begin”. A large percentage of the population of Bangladesh may be forced to move. Among the displaced people the number of females is almost same as the male counterparts. They had taken shelter in the sophisticated areas of the urban areas. Considering average HH member-size, the daily average income estimates only Report of Population Census The actions should be set off at local, national, regional and international level.

Retrieved May 26, The Midnapore East district zilla parishad has claimed that over 50, ha of crop land has been ruined due to a large scale inundation by river and sea waters. The poorest and the poor communities had left their areas at the first shaking of cyclone Aila as they have to live on hand to mouth and totally depend on daily income through labour. There are some policies including ‘Khasland state owned land Distribution Policy, Ashrayan relocation Policy and Social Safety Net Services to safeguard the vulnerable communities. Views Read Edit View history. At least 1, livestock cattle, buffalo and goat and more than thousand poultry resources has been damaged totally. Continuously increased temperature of the globe is creating climate catastrophes and Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable countries which are facing the adverse impacts like cyclone, tidal surges and riverbank erosion.

Thus the term ‘Climate Induced Displaced People’ has been used in this study to define the people who lost their ancestral homes stuudy to climate induced disasters and forced to migrate internally and to neighbouring regions.

Retrieved May 26, Professor Doos projected that in the future the refugees may bangladehs forced to move considerably farther away from their country of origin Taking the opportunity of salinity intrusion, influential people started brackish water shrimp farming with active support from MDBs and GOB.

On the other hand, the study team recommend for national and international policy reformation and legitimate actions which are related with climate change, CIDPs and resettlement measures. CLEAN was established in with active participation of like-minded persons and environmental groups.


cyclone aila bangladesh case study

Even some cas them migrated to CHT88 for selling labour as they could not secure their livelihood in the areas. Rainfall amounts peaked at It is a tough situation for LDCs like Bangladesh to manage the problems of huge migration. National strategies for the facilitation of internal and international migration of displaced people may extended to trade and development programs as well, thus, institutions like UNCTAD could be a helpful one.

Income Range Since the study is conducted in SL Category per family per month the slums of peri-urban pockets in 1. The study also stuey on global and national policy on Climate Forced Migrants.

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The total agricultural land of these areas isExtreme Poor TakaUpazila of Origin of the Aila refugees After analyzing the area of taking shelter it is seen that the trend of taking shelter is concentrated in under- developed pockets which are near to the centre of Khulna city. The other classes including lower middle class migrated after a few days when they failed to survive in their ancestral casee by their own capacity or resources.

The other questions like adapting with new social environment, employment and behaviour of local people with the cuclone and social unrest are a risk of resettlement as Bangladeshi society is not multidimensional.

Most of the inhabitants of these areas are small and marginal farmer, fisher folk, forest resource dependent communities and indigenous Munda people. Army was deployed to the affected areas. According to KCC, the total number of Rickshaw in the city is 17, whereas estimates of independent sources it is not less than 40, All transit systems cylcone the city of Kolkata were halted and daily life was at a standstill due to the storm.

This region has been suffering from flooding of saline water since last couple of decades. More than kilometre of embankment breached and more than thousand people were displaced. Emergency Capacity Building Cyckone. Among the displaced people the number of females is almost same as the male counterparts.


Cyclone Aila

People from cyclone Bangladesu affected area have been suffering due to livelihood damage and asset base that put community people into poverty trap even though disaster related deaths have been reduced significantly due to different types of structural and non-structural measures.

As this hazard has occurred in the middle of the year, government and non- Figure banglxdesh Views Read Edit View history. Due to these subversive activities, the embankments could not resist the pressure of the storm surge and the saline water leaped in the localities.

cyclone aila bangladesh case study

Comparatively solvent migrated people have to pay more taka for each of the electric fan. Annex-1 Countries The developed and industrialised countries who are responsible for historical Greenhouse Gas emissions; and responsible to reduce emission and to help the developing countries according to UNFCCC.

Climate change, on its own, does not directly displace people or cause them to move but it produces environmental effects sgudy exacerbates current vulnerabilities that make it difficult for people to survive where they are. They have also estimated that the loss would be around Rs crore. The port town of Paradip witnessed its highest rainfall of 26 cm today. Four Upazilas under Khulna and Satkhira districts are the worst affected by the cyclone Aila and following storm surge.

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