People from several areas gathered in Sonadanga and Daulatpur thana areas as these are the entry points to Khulna city. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Following figure 1 shows the ratio of displaced people from where they were migrated. Besides, more than 3 thousand indigenous Munda community members live in Koyra and Shyamnagar Upazila Upazila of Origin of the Aila refugees or getting food and water support. This study is conducted by using the data which is collected after seven months of occurrence of the Aila.

Climate Change and Forced Migration p. The highest incomes from these types of livelihoods are not more than As a result the economy of Khulna city is degrading and social unrest are increasing due to boom of extreme poverty. As an evidence of early climate change, people along in the coastal zone bear testimony to rapid erosion of coastal islands, which may be attributed to aggressive wind-wave interaction with the coastal shorelines under a higher sea surface temperature regime In , more than 42 million people were displaced by natural disasters. Displacement and Migration from Cyclone-affected Coastal Areas.

cyclone aila bangladesh case study

Union Parishad Union Council; the bangladeh tire of local government institutions consist of villages within 9 Wards and governed under the Upazila Parishad. It is also necessary to estimate alternative and additional management of essential services, housing, legal procedure and secured livelihood.

cyclone aila bangladesh case study

As a result of these consequences, a large number of people had to leave the areas for livelihoods security. As a result, older citizens and children are being affected by serious malnutrition and transmitted diseases.

Hundreds of thousands still homeless three months after cyclone Aila”. Migration Climate Refugees Amendment Bill of Australia to create a new visa category for the cyclkne people.

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What are the stuey behind the scene and where were they going? In addition to four major propositions stated above, the government must explore all possible opportunities at regional and global level. To collect opinions from all of the age-ranges and gender of the respondents, adolescents were included in the Questionnaire Survey and FGDs.


Emergency Capacity Building Project.

cyclone aila bangladesh case study

Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change. Professor Norman Myers also treats them as Environmental Refugees and defines as, the “people who can no longer gain a secure livelihood in their homelands because of drought, soil erosion, desertification, deforestation and other environmental problems, together with associated problems of population pressures and profound poverty” But the ecologists and climatologists have already proved that climate change has a role in accelerating migration, especially in the Most Vulnerable Countries MVCs The specific objectives of this study are: Bangladesh Meteorological Department BMD ignored the lunatic position and high tide, and forecasted that the storm surge of cyclone Aila may not harm the localities.

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It is estimated that more than million people may be displaced permanently from their traditional habitat due to ails, tidal surge and river bank erosion combined with high saline water intrusion The average number of family members found 5. On the one hand, sufferings of safe drinking water are worsening day by day; and on the other hand, scabies were spreading out quickly due to polluted and logged saline water.

This page was last bangladewh on 2 Mayat However, people have resorted to different adaptation strategies to come out from the disaster situation and tried to make themselves resilient to disasters.

Ensuring Environmental Impact Assessment EIA and community participation through public hearing before undertaking mega-projects in the coastal region; 5.

Gravgaard and Wheeler reported that only riverbank erosion alone displaces thousand people of Bangladesh each year Most of the houses of rural areas are made of mud or bamboo. Department of Primary Education.


Cyclone Aila

Taka Bangladeshi Currency; 1 US Dollar is equal of 69 Taka according to January Thana Police Station; in rural areas, Upazila is a jurisdiction area with one or more Thana while in urban areas Thana is an administrative jurisdiction area which contains almost same population of the Upazila. Most of the poor communities depend on agriculture or natural resources for their subsistence.

Women including the adolescent girls were facing severe problem of sanitation and personal privacy stuxy the small temporary huts. In Dacope Upazila alone, more than 50, people were left homeless.

Upazila of Origin of the Aila refugees After analyzing the area of taking shelter it is seen that the trend of taking shelter is concentrated in under- developed pockets which are near to the centre of Khulna city. At stuudy 30 thosuand people had to migrate from coastal zone in Novemberafter serious hit of super cyclone Sidr. Renowned International media e.

Climate change is expected to make the world hotter, rainfall more intense, and result in more extreme weather events such as droughts, storms and floods.

A large percentage of the population of Bangladesh may be forced to move. Information and data is collected from both primary and secondary sources for cross-checking and interpretation. At leastpeople affected by Aila.

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