Still many more features to explorer and more precisely the above ones were GUI related. Find out by taking a free full-length practice test. It was about Ubuntu 9. Data structures and algorithms was back in my subjects list. So, they learn enormous amount of technologies.

Looking for the styles and templates for creation of my report. Nearly 30 to 40 people had come for that session. In reply, we lost early wickets. Its usual that the vpnclient while installing for the first time on Linux, it gives few error messages reporting to the missing library files, header files. But if you think that learning is essential then this is the last chance before you can flaunt your Master’s tag to put all your efforts for dissertation work. And, I am also happy that, I have contributed fairly well to our team.

Interia – Polska i Ĺ›wiat: informacje, sport, gwiazdy.

Posted by Venkat on Mar 1st, at 5: Luckily I got a very cool professor dissertaion has good knowledge and expert in operating systems. Extract them to a specific directory. They will be restricted to work on only one thing for a very long period of time.


The drive has been so comfortable. Finally, the results have come.

Completed Master of Science @ BITS, Pilani

This time new concept called quiz has been introduced for data structures and algorithms. Thanks to google for providing such a platform, and giving free hosting: Since it has Openoffice 3.

dissertation bits pilani ms

In the beginning boots of II, I was not comfortable with the terminal. The loaded pickled format will be in dictionary format. Posted by Deepti on Nov 12th, at I hadn’t done well in Data Mining, so pretty much I obtained as much as I deserved.

We just need to take care of the vertical, horizontal and diagonal strikes, after each move. Unfortunately I am not able to install ns2 on JJ. Then, we lost a wicket. I have my viva on next week. Hoping to fare well in the exams. Having said that, its almost one month from the day course handouts were listed for the current semester.

dissertation bits pilani ms

At first in the current sem, I had technical communication as one of the subject. For all the efforts I put, I can say, its solely because of II. Had brushed through the concepts well and the open book exams were mostly design oriented for Embedded System design and Software for embedded systems. Everything went well as planned and I am very happy. Whenver I play, I will be having the mindset ,” must win”. Cricket is my Diseertation. Last semester I completed all my dissergation related to my course work.


Here are the mid-sem marks. You can download them.

dissertation bits pilani ms

As of now, JJ looks so cool and lightning fast. Posted by Chandu at 6: Finally, I got my first Car. To answer that there are various ways one has to bit this thought.

By default ns2 supports, aodv, dsdv, dsr and tora protocols. I can say this is the luckiest OS of all times for me, I did get placed – dont mind crediting II for it: Answered May 25, Wednesday, April 22, Playing with Dictionary. Python pickling helped me rule out the problem.

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