Only this would allow me to see behind the facade and getting a result I can use. Touch The tactile sense gives us lots of different information. I think the way he goes makes it very likely to get the a beautiful result. The water lies between the stones like brother and sister, even if they are extremely different in texture. So I started wondering, why I like it.

We can smell buildings, what is it made out of? So what would happened if the bath in Vals would have been built out of marble? Our five traditionally recognised senses are: Block should be carved out of the slope and water should be in-between, flowing through gaps and spaces, giving the bath its purpose. And different stones also have different smells.

Why does he do this? So I found in him his own critic.

dissertation peter zumthor

He also likes pure raw natural material. Dlssertation can feel its temperature, its surface, its structure. The Serpentine Pavilion was painted in black, but with the layer of jute fibre on the plywood.

The dominating material are concrete and glass. Dissertatkon you ever seen a plastic power socket in a Peter Zumthor building? I like the building, I like the work of the architect, but what is it exactly that makes it good?

The Serpentine Pavilion was painted in black, but with the layer of jute fibre on the plywood.


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His designs are usually very simple. That maybe also why the presence of plastic was so disturbing for me in the Thermae Bath Spa. Some of his buildings even have a certain abstractness, like a picture.

dissertation peter zumthor

Unfortunately, this is a bit of a bad combination, acoustically. I then began to search for detailed information about it. In my last essay I was wondering why water and stone go so well with each other, as water is very soft and stone very hard.

The design was based on wood stacks as they often can be seen outside of sawmills. For some reason, natural colour combinations always fit.

(PDF) Dissertation on Peter Zumthor’s Therme Vals | Gabriel Meier –

And as clear as the lines are, as clear are often his axes of geometry. Touch The tactile sense gives us lots of different information.

When he left school, he was forced to learn this profession from scratch in his Dads company. So a similarity in weight is the critical condition, two materials have to meet to play well together. Softness and hardness are key definitions in his design strategy.

Zumthor is the antidote to the megastar tendency of 21st-century international architecture. But what I can do is, to analyse the building by myself and to read between the lines. For him, the importance is the architecture. And different stones also have different smells.


Presidents Medals: Symbology and the Senses: A study of Peter Zumthor’s Two Chapels

The walls are all parallel, what leads to more resonance within the building. Everything that was written dissretation it, was of an extraordinary good nature. So the combination between this granite and the water without chlorine actually make you feeling like swimming in a high alpine freshwater spring.

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Consequentially, I started looking out for critics. The work has been nominated in part because of its critical relevance to contemporary architectural thinking, but more especially because of its highly original analysis of the built work. So you never feel hemmed, even if you stand between heavy rocks. These blocks could be arranged in many different ways, creating density, space, darkness and light in between. I can focus on things no one is mentioning and finding out why.

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