When anybody is in problem, Bheem helps them. She teaches us Science which is one subject that I have always struggled with. Chota Bheem is very brave and intelligent. I love my teacher very much. After I read books I am relaxed and my mind is refreshed. The Character of an Institution is reflected in its Leader Who or what is a leader? Till then the others get to hide themselves.

I also like Bheem because he is very strong and good also to every and helps everyone. The king of Dholakpur is very kind and noble ruler. The person whom the seeker finds first becomes the next seeker. And also he is very good to everyone. It is red in colour and small in size. It has thick hair, but some species possess thin hair.

He made a tree house for his friend Jaggu, the monkey. These are very common topics and generally assigned to kids of this age. And last Kalia Ustad, he is very fat, he always teases ever body. My age is Bheem lives in a small village called Bhem.

Essay my favourite cartoon character chhota bheem | dibgilivesimistelordspecidun

They are asked to write around 10 sentences on a given essay. Reading is my hobby. A leader through his personality has the power to shape the character of an institution in a particular manner. Chota Bheem has lot of strength because God gives him strength.


essay my favourite cartoon character chota bheem

She is very cute and beautiful. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

essay my favourite cartoon character chota bheem

Bheem is strong, brave and intelligent. I love this very juicy berry – strawberry very much. After watching Chotta Bheem we should come back to our real life and carry out our duties with great responsibility.

Please Leave Your Comment. Bheem lives in Dholakpur. We love to play volley ball and Hide and Seek.

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Occasional essays preparing 21st century learners: Then a huge elephant came and balanced on a ball. The enchanted story books have everything magical in the stories of the books. favorite

They are being best friends my favorit programme is chota bheem chota bheem is cartoin inteligent and brave. It also helps take out the greenish tinge that blonde haired people get after swimming in water with chlorine in it. Notify me by email when others post comments to this article. I like nishita manwani essay. She favourtie very good to all the animals in the forests and likes them.


She is our second mother. All these qualities of Bheem make him my favourite character. They were of different colours and sizes. Chota bheem is a intelligent and brave boy. Riddles Can you crack the code and solve the riddle?

essay my favourite cartoon character chota bheem

We always try to keep each other happy. Next the animals entered. Posted by Shefali Rao at Besides, he also sometimes observe a spark between his finger and the key. My father bought the tickets at the gate.

I like chhota bheem very much……. I love playing this game with my friends and have a lot of fun.

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