Online bullying can take on a variety of forms through various media channels Ybarra and Mitchell, There are, however, perils that come with the app. View the discussion thread. Are digital technologies like social media morally neutral — a blank canvas open to use and misuse, according to different aims and contexts — or does the design itself promote specific behaviors and attitudes, from an ethical and social standpoint? Because the post is proximate, I will know that the very important point I was making about an upcoming assessment seminar no one will attend likely went unheard. Jeff Rice is professor of writing, rhetoric, and digital studies at the University of Kentucky.

Your existing password has not been changed. Furthermore, users who see that ideas or attitudes which are otherwise socially acceptable are being freely posted and even upvoted on Yik Yak might be encouraged to participate. Upon opening up the Yik Yak app for the first time, all that was needed in order to start posting was a verifiable phone number. Cyberbullying has skyrocketed through this app. The anonymity feature of Yik Yak motivates some users seeking a space for honest expression and exposure to diverse opinions Kang, et al. Social media in disaster response: Among academics, it is expected that we complain all the time in public spaces.

Given the negative reputation of apps like Yik Yak, it is particularly important to achieve a more nuanced understanding of the interactions that take place, and to consider the positive effects that participation on these apps might have as well, especially in terms of equalizing participation and strengthening community ties. Such events sometimes pn to calls for banning Yik Yak. For instance, LGBTQ persons might find solace and support by participating online and connecting with others in an anonymous manner Craig and Mclnroy,and Ellison, et al.


A place of laughter, or a place of tears?

essay on the rhetoric about yik yak and college students

At the University of Mary Washington, a representative of the feminist group on campus was eventually murdered after months of relentless Yik Yak threats Kingkade, You will no longer have access to your profile. File – Digital Rhetoric Analysis This has had a very positive effect on users.

Only time will determine whether this app merely swept the nations campuses as a juicy trend, or if it is meant to remain as a staple of the college-aged user. As we grew older and our Formspring accounts fell to the wayside, people grew hungry with the need to spread gossip about their peers and colleagues over the World Wide Web, and smart phone apps began to gain popularity.

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Looking at cyberbullying via mobile devices, Smith, et al. Colonialism acquired merely 1 hand-it turned out to be some one-armed bandit.

File – Digital Rhetoric Analysis

The anonymity feature of Yik Yak motivates some users seeking a space for honest expression and exposure to diverse opinions Kang, et al. Clearly the app encourages people to provide positive feedback, or no feedback at all.

Suggest us how to improve StudyLib For complaints, use another form. Institute of Contemporary Arts, collebe. And on Facebook, the private has always been public. Yik Yak, this narrative argues, is a hate speech forum.

essay on the rhetoric about yik yak and college students

The radius varies between 1. The app has gained significant popularity on college campuses across the United States, easily surpassing similar anonymity-based apps like Whisper and Secret.


What habits will the use of the technology instill? What I’m Reading This Week: Blog – Laatste Nieuws U bevindt zich hier: While it may seem like a strange concept, letting a person know that they are being heard is really important. Anonymity and disinhibition on YouBeMom.

essay on the rhetoric about yik yak and college students

However, beyond the features of the technology, the larger sociocultural context is a crucial determinant of technology use, and Yik Yak is a telling example in this case. Remember that these choices are not exclusively about design per se, but more about the mindset you are putting your users in by implementing or leaving out a certain feature or design.

Within great rehearse presently, it will take ten minutes. Such expression, we are told, is indicative of a morality problem. When we engage esay social media, however, proximity sparks fear.

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Essay on the rhetoric about Yik Yak and college students

Confessions of a Community College Dean. Our generation grew up in an era where parents scolded their children for coollege online and insisted it was much more beneficial to play with our friends outside. Melissa, a student from Colgate University expressed that Yik Yak is a powerful tool to initiate a conversation about racism.

The media theorist Marshall McLuhan proclaimed proximity as a central tenet of new media logics.

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