Matter of fact is you get paid whether whoever you recruited used the packs or not. I have only 1 post in this thread, post 4 where I tried to ask Mary about more details about something. All we do is ask if you know anyone with pain and its amazing how many know someone. Same class as band aids and gauze pads. Quote Jean Foster Post For more information on use of collected data and cookies please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Ron has a lot of network marketing experience and is known for making a LOT of money with mlm companies. All FGXpress company information presented on their website, including that of the executive management, has been copy and pasted directly from the ForeverGreen website. Sounds like a step in the right direction. Grey pay to play concerns – Apr 3rd, Qivana Review: So you purposely can not retail or resale the Powerstrips thus is creates a great wholesale customer membership base when others come on board. Even your doctor will not give such a claim.

Piccolo will try to sell him a product that purportedly prevents limb amputations while at once helping dairy herds produce more milk and gardeners to grow tomatoes twice their ordinary size. Each person that buys is a customer and by sharing and letting those you share with order, and as result being on Autoship, people can easily earn the cost of their strips.

Feb 7th, at 7: Forevergreen has already issued an official warning against doing so. ALL of the FG Xpress products ship around the world in envelopes the size of greeting cards no heavy products to lug around or inventory.


ForeverGreen – FGXpress

The product is able to travel the world thanks not to its FDA listing, but because it is not ingested. It was evident to him that most direct selling companies based in the U. I agree with Oz that the higher price packages could bring into some question about who would pay that much. Quote Jean Foster Post They have Germanium yes.

This is going to be BIG!! The compensation plan seems to be heavily focused on recruitment, but the marketing methods seems to be focused on products. And should i tell my friend who is trying to get me on board that hes working hard to make his boss super rich?

ForeverGreen | Compensation Plan

The main focus of this Utah based Wellness and Longevity organization is HEALTH restoration, with the main objective of providing fgxpreds and clients with the healthiest and highest quality ingredients available today.

Who is Behind FGXpress? FGXpress Affiliate Membership Ranks There are eight affiliate membership ranks within the FGXpress compensation plan and, along with their respective qualification criteria, they are as follows: Power Strips that Heal? Yes, Send Me a Free Gift. And at the discounted powerstrip pricing for multiple packs, it tears the grocery store stuff to shreds.

So both of these are really great products. A friend of mine, who suffered with neuropathy 30 years in her feet, got back the feeling in her feet after using the SolarStrips.

FGXpress Review: “Pay to play” & autoship concerns

How much of a commission is paid out depends on how much an affiliate spends with FGXpress each month. Apr 29th, at This is a grass roots movement and it is time thst people took back control of our health and our finances regardless of the negative comments from the cynics who believe your nonsense about illegal pay plans or imporoper product claims.


fgxpress business plan

It is a topical device therefore non transdermal. By focusing fgxpresw and energy to the areas where they are applied, PowerStrips can bring relief of pain and discomfort. At least the order page is secured https protocol.

fgxpress business plan

I stand by my personal experience. That said the company already appears to have prelaunched, with a fully operational website online and several uploaded testimonials. Both we and you can potentially affect some of them.

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Lots of belittlement for a product that signifies a paradigm shift in pain management and much, much more than that. I await the day when you will be forced to do the right thing and write a blog apologizing for your arrogant and totally incorrect views on what is destined to one day be the 1 MLM company in the world FGXpress. There is no stopping Fgxlress. Hide out on the side lines and watch the huge success taking place.

fgxpress business plan

Your email address will not be published. Binary Commissions Residual commissions in FGXpress are paid out using a binary compensation structure.

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