Security guard charged for rape-slay of La Salle Lipa student. It has less to do with intellectual ability than with a specific mindset, with attitude, with exposure, with experience, with an inherent desire and passion for serving the underserved. My deepest gratitude to my dear friends, friends of friends, block mates, BioMan, and acquaintances who have shared with me their insights. There is growth in every struggle. You have answered our questions, and more importantly, taught us how to ask questions ourselves.

Getting here warranted us to go on for days without a wink of sleep balancing extra-curriculars and academics, to run across Faura and Taft to have a paper printed minutes before the deadline, to click the send button at the Irene BA Philosophy – 1. Along with this privilege comes a duty to fight for those who were not so lucky — a drive for the sustainable and fair development of our nation. After countless cups of coffee, manuscript revisions, sacrificial offerings, and prayers, we are finally here. The year-old was chosen from the pool of summa cum laude finishers to deliver the valedictory address on behalf of 4, UP Diliman graduates this year.

It taught us an unquenchable thirst for learning. As we now enter society, never forget to work and build the nation with others. You’ll probably be licking your bruises come graduation day—that 5. The password reset link has been sent to your email: Today, in this momentous occasion, I am proud to say that kumapit, kumembot, at gumapang tayo.

Valedictory Address of Shaira Marie Tagadan (Summa Cum Laude) | College of Arts and Sciences

Tan BS Computer Science – 1. You have shown us by example how to be passionate and dedicated to our work. Security guard charged for rape-slay of La Salle Lipa student.


This was seen as a fitting symbolism as the fasting month of Ramadan ended and the fighting in Marawi entered its second month. Let us all thank our parents for the privilege of dilman.

Bautista BS Business Administration – 1. Irene BA Philosophy – 1.

graduation speech up diliman

In this diiliman, we are taught by the best of the best in their own respective fields — UP Scientists, Outstanding Young Scientists, scholars, researchers and experts. Tantuco BS Industrial Engineering – 1.

graduation speech up diliman

Chinese man guilty of defrauding Apple out of 1, iPhones. Guanzon to oppose Cardema substitution as Duterte Youth nominee. Ghodsinia is one of the 36 summa cum laude students who will lead the 4, graduates. I am even more proud that some of the graduates have given up the glitters of the corporate world and chose a road less travelled, like our very own commencement speaker, Ms.

Rucio BS Tourism – 1. We are not just given information; we are encouraged and equipped to do something about the information we obtain. Again, my warmest congratulations to the CAS class of ! UP planned on April to confer the degree to President Rodrigo Duterte, which he declined after criticisms from the students.

And precisely because we are aware of our societal conditions, we now have a greater desire to use what we have learned to help our fellow men. After countless cups of coffee, manuscript revisions, sacrificial offerings, and prayers, we are finally here. During the ceremony, Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno was conferred with an honorary doctor of laws degree.

Throughout these moments of frustration and hopelessness our words of comfort were — kapit lang, konting kembot na lang, konting gapang na lang. In the four years or so that we stayed in the University, we see them everyday, even bumped into some of them: What I can do is enumerate diilman couple things that our beloved university has taught us and hopefully this will remind us spedch who we are as students, of who we are as Filipino grxduation, and what we are capable of achieving and contributing to graaduation nation and society.


Thank you for teaching us the drive for excellence, the love for learning, the curiosity for the unknown, and the desire for the truth. Sy BA Sociology – 1. In UP, we are taught that if we are capable of sharing our knowledge to the community, go the extra mile.

MBB summa cum laude from Marawi to deliver valedictory speech at UP Diliman graduation

We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. It is as much as our fight as it is theirs. The Philippines belongs to every Filipino.

Following on the commencement theme of empathy, Speedh reminded his fellow graduates that both Muslim and Christian lives were at risk in the crisis in Marawi. Amidst all the challenges that plagued our college life, we cried, laughed, grew, and achieved together with our friends, org mates, block mates, professors, even.

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