Grobbelaar, Man van die Volk, 13—15 Totemism was a fashionable ethnological concept in the late nineteenth century and played a central role in Emile Durkheim’s sociology of religion, too. In he proclaimed the founding of the Republic of South Africa , and continued as its prime minister from until his assassination in by Dimitri Tsafendas. Part of a series on. Swart from the Free State as candidates to head the party. The memoirs of I.

He was also a member of a debating club as well as a hiking club and participated in theatre productions. Wehner eds , Psychologie in Selbstdarstellungen, vol. Within minutes of the assassination attempt, Verwoerd—still conscious and blood gushing from his face—was rushed to the nearby Johannesburg Hospital. Seydewitz , Dresden to Direktor of Psych. He used the child psychology paradigm, whereby the different stages of development were not to be judged by adult norms. Krueger had four regular assistants, each of whom was responsible for his own department: For “primitive peoples”, puberty is a stage which is never overcome.

This approach was first postulated in Germany by the Hamburg psychologist William Stern, under whom Verwoerd studied for one semester after leaving Leipzig. In that position, he helped to implement the Nationalist Party’s programme. Retrieved from ” https: Verwoerd, verwoerx, took a completely different view in his doctoral thesis.

Wendt edsRacism in the Modern World: For ethnologists the “primitive” was the “original through the genealogy of the vetwoerd, but ethnopsychology searched for a universal intellectual development, arguing that it was possible for peoples who emerged in a later period to be more primitive than historically older peoples. According to Norval, it was a basic characteristic of apartheid to operate with “indeterminable” logic: Please help improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources.


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It was Hans Volkelt more than any other who succeeded in making holistic psychology applicable for empirical research. The “primitives” were like children, an assumption that was widespread amongst colonialists in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

On Wundt’s psychology see M. This was done even though English South Africans were slightly outnumbered by Afrikaners.

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He used the child psychology paradigm, whereby the different stages of development were not to be judged by adult norms. The Weimar Republic was in a phase of political stabilisation in and not on the verge of collapse, as alleged by Alex Hepple, nor was the Nazi dictatorship foreseeable. Here it is important to differentiate between the scholarly influences and the overtly ideological or political ones, including “neo-Fichtean nationalism”.

Verwoerd was also in charge of African education, which he believed should be adapted to the economic life of Africans in South Africa. Jews were also sharply criticized as a result of the important professional positions they held, which were seen as a threat to Afrikaners.

hf verwoerd thesis

He rose to Cabinet level in as Minister of Native Affairs and was responsible for the displacement of some 80 Africans from Sophiatown, Martindale and Newclare to the newly established townships of southwestern Johannesburg Soweto.

The widely quoted article by R. Sander, “Friedrich Sander’, in L. His research interests include Afrikaner nationalism and the history of apartheid, especially Hendrik Hhesis.

hf verwoerd thesis

This article needs additional citations for verification. Ansprache zur Protest-Kundgebung der Leipziger Studentenschaft am Die belangrikste rede waarom Verwoerd Duitsland besoek het was vir blootstelling aan die mees resente tendense in die internasionale psigologie.


The Leipzig psychologists explicitly identified themselves as a school and were recognised as such by the academic fraternity. This stance had an important impact on his views on juvenile vefwoerd, a topic that would occupy him throughout his years as professor of Sociology Volkelt became a member of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei NSDAPthe National Socialist German Workers’ Party, as early asone year before Hitler came to power, clear evidence that he joined the party out of conviction rather than opportunism.

In one of the few articles published by Verwoerd in an academic journal, he expressly thanked Krueger and Klemm for the opportunity to access the Leipzig Institute for his research. After South Africa became a republic, Verwoerd refused to accept black ambassadors from Commonwealth states. Our main aim in the education of backward races should be to draw verwwoerd, discipline, and strengthen the various faculties Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

Retrieved 19 June After his schooling, he proceeded to study theology at the University of Stellenbosch.

hf verwoerd thesis

There is no need for any immediate operation. Grobbelaar, Man van die Volk, 13—15 Prime Minister of South Africa — Lewin together with Hans Rupp was working in the field of applied psychology at the University of Berlin during the time of Verwoerd’s stay there.

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