March after South Africa had left the Commonwealth, see A. It was the Leipzig psychologists who exhibited rightist political leanings, unlike their colleagues in Berlin and Hamburg, none of whom were drawn by radical nationalism. Many major roads, places and facilities in cities and towns of South Africa were named after Verwoerd; in post-apartheid South Africa, there has been a campaign to take down statues of Verwoerd and rename buildings and streets named after him. Holistic psychology offered Volkelt the opportunity to develop his own methodological approach and move beyond Wundt’s elementalist psychology. In Volkelt became assistant professor.

As soon as he writes about the latter, however, his language shifts to the rather muddled and complicated style characteristic of Krueger’s philosophical writings. He was adamant that children’s perceptions should not be judged as deficient because they were different from those of mature adults. The fact that Wundt was convinced that the “higher” psychic processes could not be researched experimentally, rendered his ethnopsychology less positivistic and experimental than his psychological research. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. In his groundbreaking book The Rise of Afrikanerdom, the sociologist Dunbar Moodie claims that a number of young Afrikaner intellectuals, and Hendrik Verwoerd in particular, were imbued with “neo-Fichtean” nationalism while at university in Germany in the s.

There are also various notes on Ethnopsychology from different years.

In the experiment the children were asked to draw a three-dimensional cylinder. Most overviews of the history of psychology in South Africa mention that Hendrik Verwoerd was a lecturer in psychology before entering politics.

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From the viewpoint of child psychology, the fact that children’s drawings were interpreted as an expression of the child’s perception rather than a copy of a given object was considered to be progress. Other courses he attended were conducted by verwoer lecturers in the Psychological Institute, in his case Krueger, Volkelt and Klemm.


Krueger’s theoretical conceptualisation of holistic psychology encouraged the absorption of both volkish ideologies and nationalist ones.

The significance of space and setting : a critical analysis of selected South African fiction

The widely quoted article by R. During this thsis, the National Party government continued to foster the development of a military industrial complex, that successfully pioneered developments in native armaments manufacturing, including aircraft, small arms, armoured vehicles, and even nuclear and biological weapons. Krueger had four regular assistants, each of whom was responsible for his own department: Younger psychologists from Berlin went their own way, however.

He became the first professor of applied psychology in Germany in Dictionary of South African BiographyVol. He thfsis that gestalt psychology was a step in the right direction but maintained that a conclusive psychological and philosophical explanation of the psyche could only be provided by the Leipzig school.

Wertheimer, for example, did not draw on ethnocentrism in his study of the way “primitive peoples” use numbers to calculate. He was appointed to the chair of Applied Psychology and six years later also became Professor of Verwosrd and Social Work.

Institute, 10 July This racist assumption conceded that African children developed similarly to Europeans until puberty, at which point a divergence occurred.

Hendrik Verwoerd

With his overwhelming constituency victory in the election and the death shortly thereafter of Prime Minister J. When puberty is drawing to a close, a degenerative process seems to set verwooerd, and the previous efflorescence of the faculties leads to no adequate fruitage in later life. Here it is important to differentiate between the scholarly influences and the overtly ideological or political ones, including “neo-Fichtean nationalism”. The fact that such gaps exist is not due to some minor development of a single intellectual function such as thinking.

Due to the worldwide Spanish flu epidemic, the younger Verwoerd only sat for his matriculation exams in Februaryachieving first position in the Orange Free State and fifth in South Africa. The National Party under Verwoerd won the general election. Hoffmann concluded that the children verwoedd not attempted to draw the cylinder as close to reality as verwoerx, unlike adults.


Hendrik Verwoerd; Afrikaner nasionalisme; apartheid; rassisme geskiedenis van psigologie. In this way, Volkelt reconciled his empirical research with Krueger’s concept of holistic psychology.

Hendrik Verwoerd and the Leipzig School of Psychology in

Encyclopedia of the Developing World. He was adamant that children’s perceptions should not be judged as deficient because they were different from those of mature adults. He opted for the latter, although it was not financially as generous, because he wanted to study under a number of famous German thess of the time.

Despite his eager involvement with National Socialism, Volkelt’s application to become Krueger’s successor was not considered, despite Volkelt’s protests and intrigues, See Thiermann, “Zur Geschichte des Leipziger Psychologischen Institutes”, pp ff.

Claims that Verwoerd studied eugenics during his German sojourn [9] and later based his apartheid vwrwoerd on Nazi ideology, [10] are still in the process of being evaluated by scholars.

hf verwoerd thesis

Verwoerd”, Journal of Southern African Studies, 19, 4,ppon the young Verwoerd, is misleading in many respects. This section does not cite any sources. From he was a lecturer in psychology at Stellenbosch. Moreover, even if traces of such influence were to be found, they would only confirm verwowrd Verwoerd was a nationalist from his school days, long before his arrival in Germany.

hf verwoerd thesis

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