You can always ask your professor for a specific date for the discussion of details of your thesis. If you believe a glossary is supporting the understanding you should implement it. In which language does the thesis has to be turned See you study programme regulations for this issue. Analytic Hierarchy Process for Self-Assessments. Die Abschlussarbeit ist ein Meilenstein im akademischen Leben und sollte daher gut vorbereitet angegangen werden. Repertory Grid for Positioning Issues in Marketing. What colors, typo etc.

Less is more and much more difficult to decide about. The defense of your thesis in a colloquium is definitively only possible when you acquired all credits required. Please bring your own technical equipment to make sure that you master all the content and programs. Talk to your supervisor about the desired way of citation. Where can I find scientific literature?

Out of many different ways of citing, the Harvard style even though it is an old idea is still valid and less interferes with the reading experience compared to the use of footnote for citations. Overall this can happen on a small paper maximum three pages.

A change in title would mean changing the contract which is an official procedure. The earlier you get your signature… the better.

If you ask late, you will definitely have trouble in finding a supervisor. What is the maximum number of pages for a thesis? How thesia you try to take the commission into the discussion planned vs.


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Please check the room with the administration some days in advance. You will see that some of the colleagues are already fully booked long in advance.

When can I start my thesis? There are different ideas on formatting text.

Is there a special office hour for the students during the thesis? Mit dieser Liste versuche ich, Ihnen den Start zu erleichtern und viele der wiederkehrenden Fragen zu antizipieren. Think of the different audiences of the three copies you have to turn in. Hierzu bitte vorher die Daten mit mir austauschen. Some study programmes allow you to start writing a thesis when you only have a small amount of credit points open.

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Ideas for your research: That means you need to have all other classes finished and graded before we can agree on a defense date. Your first supervisor is a member of HTW Berlin and does ibb get paid for the process of supervision.

Do you have an overall storyline taking the audience along? Please make sure that your work is based on recent international findings of research.

Ich nehme pro Semester ca. A second pen if tgesis first one is not working.


If you do not show up you might lose the privilege of this special consultation hours. The amount of money transferred for the process of supervision, reading, writing a grading report and the colloquium is not even worth talking about. Come to see your supervisor during office hours to discuss potential topics: The official application with all signatures from all involved people is your guarantee to be supervised under this topic. Are professors paid extra for supervision?

The standard is English in the International Business programmes. Right from the start of your research you should collect your sources in a professional reference management software application like endnote.

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Is your design Repertory Grid for Positioning Issues in Marketing. Make sure, that you make the text readable. Until when can I apply for the supervision of the thesis?

htw bib thesis

How should the final thesus look like? To avoid this administrative procedure it is wise to think twice about the title of your work before applying. Die Abschlussarbeit ist ein Meilenstein im akademischen Leben und sollte daher gut vorbereitet angegangen werden.

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